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  1. hello everyone! I have a 4'x4'x7' grow area that needs to be cooled. I have a 600w hps system and a 400w hps system available to me for this project! I can use cooltubes if i need but i would rather use a good old fashion reflector. It seems to me that it gets better light coverage for the grow area. the ambient temperature in the room hangs around 65f. How big of a CFM fan should i purchase for this area? If i did go with a cool tube how much would be needed to cool either a 400w or a 600w with a 6" flange
  2. Pretty sure any grow fan with a 6" flange would do it...

    The vortex 6" pushes 449 CFM which is exhanging your air about 4-5 times a minute, so you should be good. The valueline 6" pushes 268 CFM which exchanges your air 2-3 times a minute, that would probably take care of it too.
  3. thanks! i was looking at the vortex but thought of a new way to run it. Would the 6'' vortex be pushing enough air to place a carbon scrubber on the exit and allowing the tube to pull its air from the tents air?
  4. Law

    I have a 265 CFM hydrofarm active air blower and it has PLENTY of pull and push to cool a tube and push through my scrubber (which is how I have it setup). A vortex would be plenty big enough being they are a better fan.
  5. Would anyone happen to know what the CFM rating from one of those Walmart blowers runs? And how loud are they?
  6. I have a inline duct "booster fan" its 8" and rated at 500cfms. I cant really say how fast 500cfms really is but this blower does not seem to exhaust very much air. I bought it at home depot I think the brand was called inductor. [​IMG]
    looks like that.

    At the grow shop by me one of the workers showed me a "vortex" brand booster fan which was rated at 500cfms aswell that fan was a lot more sturdier and defiantly moved way more air.
  7. Those "wal mart" fans? are you talking about the stanley blower for like $45? There is a stanley blower mod on IC thats supposedly pretty good

    Stanley Blower Fan Mod - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    People say its a pretty good blower. I've never used one though. Its loud in the store, )I tore one open and pluged it in) but Im sure you can muffle it some how.

    The home depot fans are "Boosters" and are ment to be used with in long runs in front of a "vortex" stlye fan. they are garbage as a stand alone fan IMO

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