Exhaling under the covers

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  1. I won't sware to this but if you want to smoke in your room and not have it smell up the house, take pains to cap the pipe art each toke, letting almost no smoke escape the bowl into the surrounding air. After you hold it in your lungs for a while, exhale under the bed covers. Keep your head under and keep breathing the secondary smoke. Try to keep a space under there that doesn't let much leak out except through the fibers of the sheet and/or blanket itself. It's easy. You'll get higher breathing the same smoke in and out for a minute or so too. Plus, as the smoke leaches out through the fibers, some (actually a lot) of the stinky will be absorbed and thus not be available for the house police to sniff.

    [I think...????]
  2. Ummmm i have no need for this advice, for hiding the smell isnt a problem.
  3. umm no..

    1 i dont think that would cut down on the smell that much..
    2 you absorb most the thc when you inhale initially.. you breathing in the same smoke over and over really is not doin shit
  4. I have hotboxed my covers with a blunt, its fucking awesome its like a new world when you come out.
  5. i still think you should blow into a pillow or sploof of some sorts. i worked that shit like it was my job in highschool. i should be in the hall of fame for ninja smoking.
  6. Yeah don't do this if you're worried about getting caught. Just take a rip, snuff the bowl and exhale out the window.

    Reminds me of a story a friend told me about the time she decided to hotbox her closet cause she didn't want to stink up her room (lol, young stoners, right?). Needless to say her mom found out because the second she opened the closet the smoke just poured out, kinda like what would happen the second you took the covers off.
  7. yeah, we all know cotton is an iron wall when it comes to smells
  8. Here is my method

    Pack a small bowl, small enough for a single clean hit for no after smoke

    Blow into a spoof, outside the window
  9. Turn the fan on and take/pretend to take a shit or simply go on a walk.

    Invest in a $4 can of original ozium, use it incredibly lightly.
  10. I used to do this shit. Then I just started to swallow the smoke. It's way easier.
  11. Or you could just go outside. Kids today, if a drug can't make them go outside I don't know what will. :cool:
  12. wont do shit for the smell really, and don't start a house fire.
  13. haha i can see hank sayin that..
  14. You're the only one on this forum right?

  15. Ideally he's the only one who should be on this forum. If you're an adult and still have to hide it you've fucked up somewhere. You should also have enough sense to not go against the property owners wishes and do illegal drugs in their houses. :cool:
  16. Boom!

  17. It's the shades trust me. :cool:
  18. yea they did add a little more badassness

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