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exhaling/inhale smoke through your nose?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thedeadwalkk, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. When I first started getting high the guys I smoked with would finish off the roach by lighting the whole thing on fire and then inhaling it through the nose. They aptly named it taking nose hits. It would give a mild head rush but wouldn't contribute much to the overall high.
  2. I don`t know about inhaling, but no, exhaling has never got me higher. Also, it`s not the best habit to get into, I do it all the time now with cigarettes and pot and I`m totally frying my sense of smell. So unless you want a very desensitized sense of smell, go for it! Otherwise, you`re reaping no real benefit exhaling through your nose.

    From what others said, you`re not doing it through inhaling too, except looking stupid.
  3. fucken right on man! IDC how many posts are under your avatar. And I love how opinion threads just turn into "right and wrong" threads. For example, someone makes a thread "Is it possible to get high off leaves?", and theres always a guy that says something like this, "No, it is impossible no matter what to get high off leaves,thc only exists in the buds, not the leaves, you should've done a search before posting"!

    I've gotten high off of leaves before. so to come into someones thread and make such a comment, is just ridiculous:eek:.

    some people need to chill the f*** out :smoke:
  4. Obvious troll is obvious.

    Psychology doesn't deal with "how to get higher" especially at an undergraduate level, I would know I've taken it for the past two years.

    Having a major in psychology at an undergraduate level means jack shit all.

  5. I'd weigh in my two cents, but I'm only a psych major at a US university, I probably wouldn't know. ;)

  6. Maybe, There'd be a huge difference between continents. I'd still contact Poppa Choppa's sister just to verify though.

    The coriolis effect on smoke in nostrils in different hemispheres makes a difference too, better get in touch with psych major's in Australai aswell to verify.
  7. If you'd read Poppa Choppa's statement, you would see that his sister is completing a psychology major at a London university, shes not simply in her "first two years'. Perhaps these higher concepts are only taught to students completing a psychology major (at a London university)
  8. You, sir, just haven't taken the right classes then. :p

    I've learned quite a bit about potentiating (in many ways, including synergistic drugs) the effects of various drugs, mostly ones I can't mention in this particular forum.
    Biopsychological Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs = one of the most interesting and pertinent classes I've ever taken.
  9. Lol yeah bro. Sometimes u just don't know until u try it. So I would say try it. Cuz I did, n all u smell it weed n hits u harder. You'll like it, end up takin a puff through your nose everysesh

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