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exhaling/inhale smoke through your nose?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thedeadwalkk, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. recently during a blaze sesh me and a few friends were talking about wheather inhaling smoke through your nose and exhaling smoke through your nose will get you higher? we tried this and i noticed i got higher, but maybe it was placebo. My theory is that since your nose contains mucus membranes absorbs extra THC that your lungs wouldnt? would like to know what you fellow GC users think.
  2. wow unless you swallow your mucus no and i wouldnt do that because sometimes you burn your nose
  3. why dont you just smoke out of your nose for a session. see what happens. seems logical to me....
  4. your just going to end up with congested sinus, full of crusty snot.

    You'll probably end up with a nose bleed becuase you'll inevitably pick at it while high and uncomfortable.

  5. i would, but have no bud for now
  6. It is not faster. The THC can only be consumed at a given rate. Holding smoke in the lungs only makes you look like you are 15 and just started smoking. It is not beneficial. Breathe normally. I your weed is good you will get high.
  7. How would you even do this? Put a blunt in each nostril?
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  8. No this will not get you higher. Smoking through your nose is pointless. You will not see any additional benefit in your high. The nose is a very sensitive structure and smoke can easily damage your sense of smell, cause pain and destroy the cells that produce your nasal fluids.

  9. french inhale
  10. Holding smoke in your lungs will increase your high actually. It takes around 6 seconds for the lung to fully absorb all the THC. You won't get a lot higher, but it is effective especially for bong hits.
  11. Yes if you breathe it in, and exhale through only one of your nostrils (I don't know which side) it will get you higher. My sister is a psychology major at London university and she told me so.
  12. Protip: The easiest way to achieve this is to block up the other nostril with a peanut.
  13. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, but no, your wrong.
  14. how do you know unless you've completed a psychology major at a London university?
  15. :(I love how everyone on this website thinks their masters of everything knowledgeable. Sometimes you just dont know. Even if you read it off wiki....:(
  16. What does Psychology have to do with the human nose?

  17. i would doubt taking a psych course would give you information on what way of mosking gets you higher
  18. I've always held it in for at least 6 to 10 seconds, and exhaled through the nose. This gets me higher than not holding it in.
  19. Perhaps its a psychosomatic response to smoking pot through one nostril?

    I'm not Poppa Choppa's sister, completing a psychology major at a London university, therefor I'm not really in a position to give an educated response on why it works.

    Poppa Choppa's sister is though.
  20. If I'm taking a shotgun,, I'll inhale through my nose towards the end of the inhale.

    I think it makes me higher ..:smoke:

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