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exhale smoke in volcano bag

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Whatpottt123, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. on a big hit i will exhale in volcano bag than re smoke that smoke for 2 hits. what are your thoughts?
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  2. You're just trolling now dude.

    Did you go to school at all? or did you just not pay attention? You'll literally be breathing in carbon dioxide .. actually do it because if you pass out you can't post troll questions.
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  3. right like our lungs were built to take in just all the thc and exhale just carbon monoxide lol. and its carbon dioxide imo :jump::jump::jump::jump:
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  4. u wish alcoholnweed666
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  5. Lol go read what I put again.

    Seriously do the breathing shit in a volcano bag.. then you'll pass out & can't troll.
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  6. Do you have dyslexia or some other learning difficulty?? My name is BREWSnweed666 not alcoholnweed666.. name me correctly if you're going to TROLLpottt123.. oh shit my bad I mean Whatpottt123.
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  7. These are ideas and thoughts that a kid would come up with.
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  8. Every thread/post is pretty much the same dude.. i don't know how OP is still a member here.
  9. Jeff songs made it years before he got shut down
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  10. Lol “things teens do with there last bowl packs” “brahh ima hit this one hit like fo times”
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  11. I am going to go out on a limb here.....being OBVIOUSLY opened to bashing with the replies ive seen so far......but I think it's a vaild question......I mean when you take a good hit and then exhale into a bag......I would see where it would benefit from hitting it again....if you do it rather quickly......wouldn't it "technically" be just like and ole fashioned "shotgun"??

    ALLL of his.....well 99% of his other posts ARE "stupid"......but I could go with this one.....just my .02
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  12. I'm getting annoyed with OP all I'm seeing are 2/3 maybe more of the silly threads per page on my new post feed... I wouldn't mind if the threads where asking something half good but like u said 99% is stupid
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  13. You’d be better off holding it in and letting it coat ur lungs with everything the first hit has imo. Like i feel like I’d be more smacked if i just held that ish for like 15 seconds instead of shotgunning myself with a bag.. idk I’ve never been a huge fan of breath in already breathed air.. my own included
  14. Well.....yeah, I'm not saying it's something I am a "fan" of....or ever do...........but I know "shotguns" used to be was pretty popular......and to me it's basically the same....

    I'm not "standing up" for the poster...........I am "standing up" for this particular thread...
  15. subsequent hits i continue to do that. seems to get more thc
  16. What he’s gone?? Lol I always thought he was retarded but now that I know he’s gone I kinda miss him lmao
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  17. So, without addressing the trollishness of the OP, and to answer your question, this is what happens when you recirculate smoke: think of the active ingredients in the smoke (THC, nicotine, formaldehyde, whatever) as little tiny particles which get filtered and taken up by your lungs. What's left is a smaller percentage of those little particles, and higher percentage of Co (carbon monoxide). The reason the carbon monoxide goes up is because your lungs are uptaking some of the oxygen, which decreases the Co2 and increases the Co. So as you recirculate it, it becomes less potent and more poisonous.
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  18. t
    Again, I am totally agreeing with that.............I was just simply stating......the thread wasn't as "terrrible" as people made it seem.................see...............

    Replies just like the last few I think is what the OP was looking for...................why not just give him that on "legit threads" and ignore the others?
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  19. I tend to agree. A lot of his threads are silly but I find them more amusing than offensive, and this didn't seem like all that troll-like of a post to me.

    I still don't recirculate my hits tho. ;)
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  20. Man this works 100%. But I would recommend it ONLY if you vape. In second hand smoke the THC is used up via the burning process and taste nasty.

    I only had about 0.2 grams to stretch a weekend. I simple vaped a small bowl and blew it into a bag. After I was done vaping I was nice but not smashed. I waited for 20 mins, and I wasn't any higher, then I started inhaling from the bag. When done I was nice and smashed feeling good.
    Bag from my Arizer Extreme Q:

    Inhaled air is about 20-percent oxygen. Exhaled air is about 15-percent oxygen. Therefore, about 5-percent of breathed air is consumed in each breath. The air in the bag will have elevated Carbon Dioxide however it will also have enough Oxygen for you.
    Also with Vaping any visible vapor leaving your mouth has THC, when you vape thats wasted THC you are seeing. I've heard different numbers from 30% to 50% of the THC is lost when exhaling weed vapor.

    If you are every in a pinch or want to be as efficient as possible recycling your vape clouds works.

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