Exhale Co2?

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  1. Has anyone used tgis exhale co2? Its supposed to be a bag of co2 you put over your plants and it releases co2 for a couple months I believe. Now has anyone tried it? If so did you notice any results or changes??

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  2. save your money, or buy a real CO2 generator
  3. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago
    Not sure how much it has helped as this is my first grow. I have a few more weeks left until they finish.
    Accidently left the bag in the tent the first night(lightsout) but have been on schedule with removing it during lightsout since.
    Here they are @ week 7 of flower
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    Yup, I agree with this blade.
    A couple months? Yeah the guy at my local store said not to waste my $ on them, and I'm sure he didn't tell me they last months.
    Plants look good by the way.
  5. Hey lights out, now that doesn't male sence with your bag putting it on the side of your plants because c02 falls, it doeant rise expand out

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