Exercising and shit!

Discussion in 'General' started by nosrac95, May 9, 2011.

  1. How often do you blades exercise? And do you smoke before you exercise?
    Every day I smoke a bowl in the evening then I jog for 2 hours followed by 30 minutes of laps in the pool. After that I smoke another bowl, do homework, and hit the sack :)
  2. That seems like a waste of weed.

    No i dont excersise recreationaly. Im too busy working which is exercise in itself
  3. I'd have to disagree for the major part, unlesss you're working in labour generally what you're doing isn't proper exercise.
  4. I exercise once a day...running and weightlifting. I don't like how weed makes me feel during a workout so I don't smoke beforehand. I'm not a fan of having a fast beating heart and then working out and making it beat faster...and I also don't like the mix of workout high/weed high.

    Like he said it feels like a waste of weed and a waste of a workout. I went to college for exercise physiology and I came to the conclusion I would rather have the right amount of hormones and chemical reactions needed for a proper workout filling my blood than THC.

    Plus I also use working out as a daily detox to relax my tolerance...so getting high before hand would be counter-productive.
  5. i cardio almost everyday and i strength every 2 or 3 days

    only smoke after because i "feel" my muscles :)
  6. That's not a bad idea. I haven't researched this but I feel like smoking after a workout could be beneficial. It would open your blood vessels so your body would be able to carry necessary proteins to your muscles for a faster build.

    workout + smoke a bowl + protein milkshake...not a bad idea:smoke:

  7. Yea dude, of course it would open your blood vessels. This is a very good theory based on a clear understanding of THC, the cardiovascular system, and proteins.
  8. When I stopped smoking for a month or two I was working out 3-5 days a week and then the day I started smoking again,...I don't think I've gone to the gym since.
  9. Maybe if this theory catches on people will stop swallowing bottle-loads of nitrogen supplements and hydroxycut and fat burners...that shit is the death of your heart people.
  10. I smoke after workouts. I find if I smoke then workout I have a don't give a fuck edge, and find it hard to dig deep and push out that extra rep, or put another 5 pounds on.

    Smoking after I'm able to relax, body and mind, because I know I just did something beneficial and with the endorphins I have I find it's a nice mix.(This is waiting an hour after youre done, usually after a shower and sandwich)
  11. I "exercise" 2-6 hours a day depending on my work schedule and what I feel like doing. Practically live at my gym so I can put in as many hours as I want.


    Only smoke on weekends.
  12. It's all or nothing with me.

    If I decide I'm not gonna smoke, I don't smoke. But once I decide to start smoking again, I can't stop. No middle ground :mad:
  13. I usually take a toke before lifting or running. Sometimes me and my friends do military workouts so I usually dont smoke when Im with them.

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