Exercising After Smoking

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  1. one word
  2. smoke after working out, while in the sauna or a hot tub! the high you get from exercise is just as good:cool:

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  4. I'm in the process, this should be pretty funny im so cheeched :smoking:
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    I know certain strains can act as a bronchodilator when taken in small doses. Personally, I don't like to smoke before I lift weights because I feel too relaxed for that type of exertion. I take one hit before I go running tho. Takes my mind off the distance and with some music I can jog for miles without feeling exhausted.
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    I wana workout now

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  9. After I smoke, I feel more motivated.
  10. I like to work out about 1h after I vape when the peak just passed but I can still get motivated, by the time the workout is over the high is over as well but then I'm high from the workout :D

    Hmm vaping + workout just sounds so much better than smoking + workout :)

  11. If you're smoking good quality bud I would imagine the strain would have a lot to do with it, a nice head high would perhaps aid a workout more than a strong body high
  12. Depends on the Exercise.

    Swimming and Basic Exercises work very well with Weed on some people.

    Although more intense sports are not your best options.

  13. I get the best workouts before I smoke
    Feels like I can listen to my body better like i'm more 'honest'

  14. I don't pay a monthly/yearly fee to visit a gym I never frequent. Instead, I skate 8 miles to my dispensary and sometimes 16 miles for the round trip. On every return for my investment, weed is there to be had. win = win
  15. I have smoked before powerlifting and found I didn't feel as stressed when lifting heavier weights. When I lift heavy I can feel taxed emotionally as well as physically if I lift heavy long enough. However, when I smoke (I go through phases of smoking a lot/not smoking at all), I find that it's harder on me for cardio. Mostly because of my breathing and phlegm ikr gross lol.
  16. I love to get stoned before playing any sport, any sport. even ping pong or disc golf
  17. Some people smoke after and before the workout.

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