Excuses to end a text conversation with a girl

Discussion in 'General' started by qwerty man, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. If you've been texting for a while and you kinda just don't feel like talking anymore, what do you usually say to end it haha?
  2. I just stop and say I was sleeping, my phone died or I was out of service.
  3. i usually just stop replying???
  4. I usually say "I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed".

    To the people that just stop replying.. fuck you. I hate that. At least say bye or something

  5. This, I normally do that
  6. Just tell her you're gonna go take a nap or a shower or something.
  7. Just saw the bat signal gotta go
  8. Text a picture of your penis and then stop replying
  9. Say you'll talk to her later and your phone is about to die? or ^
  10. "Hey I've got to go do some stuff, talk to you later"
  11. i just stop replying
  12. I generally just stop replying.. but that seems to be what everyone does so i never feel rude about it.
  13. say "Sorry but i got to go my sweater just crashed" she will be like the fuu?
  14. [quote name='"Danonymous"']Text a picture of your penis and then stop replying[/quote]

    You reminded me of something I did a couple weeks ago. I was trying to get this girl to send me some nude pics. She said "you first" so I sent a pic of my nut sack along with "the balls are in your court now"

    It didn't work but she thought it was funny...
  15. I feel like just not replying is kinda dick-ish..? Especially if you're like having an actual convo haha
  16. "im off to masturbate"

    She could reply positively, with something like "me too! :p x"

    Or negatively "OMG, WHAT!?" to which you then reply "dont worry im finished now....what were we talking about?"

  17. either text me at " " or just stop replying
  18. The awesome thing about text messaging is that it's used as a way to get a hold of a person when they are next available. If you receive a text that doesn't mean you need to read it right away, or answer right away. If you're done with a conversation just slow down on the replies and or stop replying. That's what texting was meant for anyway, not a constant conversation, there's the telephone for that.
  19. I gotta go take care of my baby kitten. i'll text u later

  20. Iphone and Blackberry beg to differ....

    fuckin creepy to have something that lets you know they read your message..

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