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Excuses for withdrawing cash? *please read*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xHighImStoned, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Before I speak I would like to say that I DO NOT take my parents money and have a job and make my own money, 100 percent my own income.However, I opened a joint bank account with my mom when I was 16 (because you have to have someone +18 co-sign). My mom doesn't have access to my funds but she can see my transactions on my card from the banking app on her iPad. She uses it sometimes. I only spend about $30 a week on weed but whenever I have to buy I always have to give some excuse to why I'm withdrawing cash (I usually buy $60 bags). Could you guys help me possibly come up with excuses I could give my mom when she ask why I withdrew cash? I WOULD just go to the bank & remove her because I'm 18 now but I don't have a good enough reason to, especially since I'm not even out of the house yet (senior in HS). NOTE: these have to be good excuses for cash too. I can't just say I'm buying something random because she'll ask why I just didn't swipe my card. Telling my mom what it's really for isn't an option, so please don't say that.Ones I've used before:-I forgot my card at home and needed money-school field trip money-school dues money-owed a friend money for a favorAny others?! Thanks.
  2. It seems she isnt the controller of the account, as you can withdraw and she can not.
    go into the bank and remove her power, or just close the account and pop it into a regular checking account....
  3. Just say you're going to restaurants with friends or something. I'd assume you smoke with friends sometimes so it would be a reasonable thing to say.
  4. You're your own man, man. Tell her stop asking every time. 
  5. [quote name="SIRSOG" post="19459353" timestamp="1391459366"]It seems she isnt the controller of the account, as you can withdraw and she can not.go into the bank and remove her power, or just close the account and pop it into a regular checking account....[/quote]She is the "original" account owner, I just have the card with my name on basically. I was told she has to come remove herself from it with me. It is a checking account as well.
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    Yeah, my sister has the same problem with our dad. I mean every situation is different, it's just going to be hard to explain. 
    My sister just withdraws the money, and buys the weed and worries about the explanation later. 
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    When I was in highschool I would say things like "gas money to friends" "Food"(Why didnt I use card?) "I prefer it this way and/or we can divide things up easier when we share a bill" "Buying a game"(Id say this if I was going to buy for a whole month" "I dont want to carry the card in my pocket because of muggings" (Might not seem too reasonable, but what is she going to say?)

    Just start pulling more money out. Pull out lots at a time and when she asks why you pulled out like 200 just say you want use cash. You can spend your 30 dollars on weed and if you actually slyly let her see you have the a bunch of your cash week by week and it not all gone in a day she wont suspect anything. 
  8. "Well there's this girl..."
    That'll keep her happy till you open ur own account ffs :p
  9. Won't help you in the short term OP, but now that you're 18 open your own account with a different bank.  When you cash your check, put all your bud money in the other account and deposit the rest in the joint account.  OR for a simpler method, when you deposit your check get them to give you your bud money for the pay period as cash and deposit the remainder into your account.  Then your mom won't see it on the bank statements. 
    As for the excuse you asked for, start taking out a set amount of money each week (including your bud money) and leave the rest in the account without touching it.  Tell her that it helps you to budget money if you take out all the money you intend to spend that week and leave your card at home so you aren't tempted to overspend.  I legitimately do that to budget myself.  If I keep it all on my card I overspend like hell, but I also do if I have all my cash on me at one time.  Keeping only the cash on me I budgeted out to spend in a given period helps me to stick to the budget.
  10. Tell her in a very sarcastic voice "I'm using it to buy drugs mom" Then go off on a tangent about ATM fees if you need cash and all that, and then say I prefer to just have a set amount of cash and that is my food/weed or whatever budget...
  11. If all else fails 
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  12. I used to say I was buying coke and heroin lol
  13. Empty the joint account.if its your money. If her name is just on the account for co signing purposes. Your 18 now and dont need her for that anymore. If she ask tell her that exact reason.
  14. Man the fuck up and close the account. Unless you are not 18..
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    im assuming its a debit card? am i just really high right now and dont understand anything or does your excuse of "not having my card on me" not work because you need your debit card to take money out of the bank..?
    anyway, i dont see why your mom is checking your money withdrawls all the time lol but just tell her what a couple other people said, that you like to pay with cash for things like food and hanging out with your buddies, and you like to keep a set limit of money in your wallet so you dont overspend. now its considered being responsible in her eyes :)
  16. Video games cost 60 a piece
  17. Tell her that you prefer to pay for everything with cash rather than your card, as it can help you control and watch exactly how much you are spending; you can only spend 100 in a week if you only withdrawal 100 and always leave your card at home. Hell, she may even think more highly of you suggesting that you are trying to budget yourself.

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  18. tell her to mind her own business? you dont question every dollar she spends do you?
  19. You are 18, just open a new bank account with a different bank.Omega369 :wave:
  20. If he had the balls to tell his mom to mind her own business he wouldnt have this problem would he? :p 
    Saying you're buying things is stupid because what happens when she notices that, although you've bought a video game every week, you have no video games lol? Same goes for anything else that you can say you "bought". Saying you owe your friend money for a favor sounds a little obvious to me too. 
    I pay everything with cash, i dont really like credit cards and yea theres a withdrawal fee which you can use as an excuse too. Try taking out enough for a few weeks or month so you dont have to be taking out cash every week.

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