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  1. I have three wisdom teeth comming in (y not 4? i have no idea) and id like to get them pulled for several reasons. One being that i dont want crowded and crooked teeth, two that if theres only 3 comming in il prolly develop an over bite or something and i dont want a retainer -_-, and three is i kinda have a thing for pain killers :D. my mom insists that i dont need it because she didnt have hers pulled (now shes got crooked teeth) and neither did my two sisters. im still on family insurance cuz of school so its up to her and ive already told her my reasons. got any ideas?
  2. tell her they fuckin hurt, your over 18 and can obviously handle a fuckin painkiller, i mean, look past the recreational value, they're designed to relieve pain.
    so, if you really were in pain, you'd be swearing up a storm, bitchin at her to get the pain medication. so thats exactly what i'd do, if u want the meds.
    if she still doesnt get you the pain medication then i think its about time you get off of 'family' insurance, cause in all reality it isnt helping you get the meds you 'need' for pain ( not really, but u get the point )
    stand up for yourself son
  3. Word, bitch moan and compain you will get your way. LOL :D
  4. You don't need your mother's permission to go to the dentist to get them removed. Get your insurance information together and make an appointment yourself.
  5. he's right your mom wouldn't even know unless the insurance company tells her or something
  6. wow. well if you need them out than do it. if you dont its not worth it jus to get the pks. i ate all of mine and had 3 scripts, and needed them. it really sucks dude, you dont eat, but your hungry as shit, and everything looks great.
  7. You'll want to make sure you get a dentist that accepts your insurance, and make sure you KNOW what the insurance will pay and what's gonna come out of your pocket...

    Yeah... They'll send her the bill, and that's how she'll find out. Just make sure you pay for whatever your insurance doesn't cover.
  8. Dude I had my wisdom teeth pulled at 16.... And yes I'm very glad I had them pulled because they were fucking painful coming in.. And it's not like the pain gets less, it gets WORSE! :eek:
  9. mine grew in very well. only had a weeks worth of really annoying pain MJ helped me with :smoke: my wisdom teeth are in better condition than the rest of my teeth though. havent been to a dentist in over 2 years. no money! and its highly over-paid work. ffs. dental is only affordable for people with over 50% coverage with their benefits.
  10. My dad is a dentist and I was talking to him about this a while back when I was trying to come up with excuses not to get my wisdom teeth pulled because it would have had to be when I was back on break from college. He told me that he (a dentist) can usually tell at a very early stage in their developement whether or not they ar going to be a problem later on in life. I had gotten the braces off a couple years before and he said that the wisdon teeth could easily mess up my teeth more than they were before I got braces. He said they also tend to decay and cause infections in your gums.
  11. my wisdom teeth were impacted and had them cut out when i was 16 because i had braces and the teeth just hurt like a sonofabitch. i got a whole bottle of percs out of it though. and make sure you go to a doctor whose procedure doesn't involving cutting around the tooth. theres a nerve they can cut and fuck you up. you can't eat a lot for awhile, but eat scrambled eggs and drink boost, protein will heal you up quicker in which case you can enjoy the painers.
  12. Damn brah, if you wanna get your wisdom teeth removed so you can get some painkillers ummmm I dunno just ask around so you can just buy some from somebody - it's just not worth it for that reason. If they are bothering you then that is another story, but don't do it for painkillers. My girlfriend recently had hers removed and they only gave her 12 of the 5 mg/500 ones, I think doctors are getting stingy with that shit. However, I can buy 10 of the 10mg/650mg for 30 bucks, so just ask around or something. Check out some online pharmaceutical places, but don't go get your teeth removed, lol.
  13. read the first post before you reply :rolleyes:
  14. dentiss tell like 80% of americans to get them pulled and in most cases its really unesesary, mine started coming in at 15 and im ill be 19 next month, and they have hurt maybe 5 times for a couple hours at a time

    and after you get them pulled out you cant smoke for like 2-3 days, and painkillers arent much fun without weed
  15. I did, and you said one of the reasons you were getting them removed was for painkillers...:rolleyes:

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