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Excuses for Pupil Dialation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lerf, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I am always able to go in public high but the thing is the thing that gets me is when my pupils are really dialated. Especially for work, how do you get away with talking to your boss eye to eye with dialated pupils? What are some good excuses for them?
  2. Im a motherfucking shark
  3. I just be like, "Yo motha fucka my pupils ain't big yours is just small."

    Except I'm white and nervous around the police... So it's more like, "I... I... I have allergies and took benadryl sir..."

  4. if its night just say "its dark outside"
  5. "Sorry sir, I'm just high as balls right now."
  6. I took too many benadryl, now fuck off officer stop invading my privacy
  7. "son, why are you pupils so dilated?"

    "its okay dad, i just took some x"
  8. "Don't be racist, I'm asian!" <-- best.
  9. Say you had an eye exam earlier that day or the day before, and they dilated your eyes.
  10. just say you are on acid

  11. Boomers do it too.
  12. I started laughing when I read the title lol... Whoever that close tell them to back the fuk up hahah. I never been asked why just Idk wtf and walk away.
  13. "I'm uh...high."
  14. Yea I just go in with the fuck you attitude and make sure my shit gets done to give them no reason to complain. Work was a trip today :D
  15. "Sorry sir, Im just high as fuck right meow."
  16. Tell em you started a new medication.
    Lots of medications do that.
    If they ask what kind, tell em that's personal and you don't like to talk about your health issues.
    If they really insist, say an anti-depression psychotropic.
  17. Say you just went to the eye doctor. That shit they put in your eyes dilates your eyes hella so it's a plausible excuse. :D
  18. "I don't know"

    and then just continue the conversation as normal.
  19. Tell them you spiled chemical cleaner in your eye and its healing
    ( Happened to me this week lol) And wear glasses like these. Great investment for any stoner. I also fucking love them lol

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