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    So, I paid a trip to my favourite headshop in Vancouver today and, 376$ later, came home with a giant bag of drugs. The guy behind the counter was trippin' just at the amount of shit I was buying, and for good reason. Here's what I got:

    - 10g blue lotus leaf
    - 30g of kratom
    - 10g passion flower
    - 5g sceletium
    - 60g Peruvian torch cactus
    - 16g mimosa hostilis
    - 100g kava
    - 30g chaliponga
    - 112g banisteriopsis caapi
    - 15g gotu kola
    - 60 guarana
    - gas mask

    Now, I'm left with only one problem: I don't know how to take most of this stuff, and the guy that sold me it was unusually unhelpful. I know kava can be made into a drink, and kratom can be smoked, but that's about it. I've tried looking it up, but haven't found anything too useful. The amanita worries me a little, because I know less about it than the others (which is basically nothing) and I've heard that it can be poisonous in some cases. I'll keep looking for info before I take any of it, though, but either way, I'm gonna be havin' a good time for quite a while.
  2. holy shit,

    i dont even know what any of that stuff is

    vancouver next summer fuck ya!

    hows the weed situation over there? i heard a lot of different things about it being legal or not.
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  4. It's not legal, but it may as well be with the way the cops react to it, let alone anyone else. You can find it pretty much anywhere, especially around West Hastings and Cordova, but it's a pretty rough part of town, man.
  5. Ayahuasca would be on the top of my list if I had all those baggies. Chaliponga has DMT and related alkaloids in pretty high concentrations, and the Banisteriopsis Caapi is the MAOI that will make everything work. Ayahuasca recipe. The shamans in that guide are working with large amounts of material, so adjust it for yourself....I wish you luck, it should be life changing.
  6. Sweet recipe, man. I'ma go try that right now.
  7. The mimosa also has DMT if you didnt read my other post i also put somethin about blue lotus up there
  8. You may want to plan for this. DMT is commonly reported as having stronger effects than every other psychedelic. Ayahuasca is not like a smoked dose that lasts 15 minutes either, it's a trip that stretches out into hours.
  9. wow, have fun
  10. ou going further than the moon with all them drugs,,,,,,,

    your going to orbit '' uranis'' literally,,,,,:p
  11. gotta love bcmp... i have also had most of that. Blue lotus is cool to.. mix that with some bud... honestly just erowid everything...

  12. I'd rather not. They've given me more useless, bullshit information than Wikipedia, and that's saying a lot.

    I know, man. I've had ayahuasca before, but just never bothered to make my own.
  13. Dude from personal experience the puruvian torch is insane, intense shroom like high with insane visuals. Be mentaly and physically prepared, only take 30 grams at a time, I took 25 and I was high for 15+ hours. Really one of my favorite drugs. Good luck.
  14. ^
    I'd really rather not use half of it in one go, but I suppose I could always go back for more. The shit was cheap, and they had an overhwleming supply of it. However, how should I take it? Grind it up and make a tea, or just eat the chunks?
  15. Damn bro, I'd go deuces with you if you were local. Haha
  16. Fire off a PM if you need any info on the kratom.

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