Excrutiating pain at the base of the skull/top of the neck

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       So Monday I was working out (just started working out again about a month ago), I was doing cable cross overs when all of a sudden I had this extremely painful sensation at the base of my skull. To the point I let go of the cable, slammed weights, and staggered forward. The pain decreased after 5 to 8 minutes, I tried to go back to working out and the pain came right back.Thats when I called it a day.
         Last night I was having very pleasurable intercourse with my woman, she was on top, so I wasnt really physically exerting myself. Literally like a milisecond before I came the pain came back but more intense and lasted 15 minutes while my woman asked me if I was alright.
        This is when I googled it and came up with some possible solutions and put them to effect. Maintaining proper posture, drinking plenty of water, proper breathing, massaging and streching out my neck.
         Today I was working out again and after the second set the pain came back. At this point I was kind of pissed so I fought through the pain and finished my work out.  By the time I was done my vision was blurred and pain almost made me puke.
          Here it is, 5 hours later, and there is still a dull pain. Im not the toughest guy in the world, but Im not a pussy. I grew working construction and have experienced less pain breaking bones.
        Anyone here experienced this? Have any suggestions or solutions?

  2. Could you describe it more?
    My guess is a really inconvenient pulled muscle

    Did you try a new exercise? Have you exercised before without this pain?

    Id definatly take a break for a few days though to let it heal. Putting strain on an.injury will almost always prevent healing and cause even more damage. Its not worth it

    If it persists for more than a week or gets significantly worse, then id definatly see a doctor

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  3. Its like Im being stabbed in the back of the head, then molten iron is spilling out of the tip of the blade and collecting in the base of my skull.
    No new exercises, and I have never ever had this pain.
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    stop working out and go get an MRI
    it sounds like you have slipped vertebrae 
  5. Im not going to work out again till monday. Im going snowboarding sunday. If the pain comes back again during those two days Ill go see my chiropractor
  6. could be a swollen gland because of a sinus infection who knows try taking some ibuprofen for now or anything anti inflammatory you might have see if it helps aleviate the pain. if it does you would be better off seeing a doctor not a chiropractor lol
  7. You have a chiropractor? What are you not telling us?

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  8. This happens to me from time to time(typically during sex just as mentioned) it is a tension thing for me. My nech muscles just cramp up till they lock up. Icyhot i just found is the best for me. I used to just rub it till the muscle popped loose. I also clench my jaw sometimes during heavy lifts and sex lol if that sounds like it try icyhot pads too. But see a doctor is the best advice

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  9. I swear some people could be getting eaten alive and they'd make a thread about it before using common sense. If you're injured and in excruciating pain, don't go back to the fucking gym and then push your body through an entire workout after it clearly sends you a signal to stop. Go get it looked at and stop making it worse.

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