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  1. So, I know some of my fellow blades are involved in very long term relationships.

    I'm just wondering what you guys do to keep things new and exciting in the bedroom. You don't have to get too kinky or detailed, just wondering who on here is a freak like myself?

    I like to roleplay, anything. We, also, talk frequently about our fantasies and what new things we'd like to try.

    Sex is great, but you have to admit it does get a little repetitious when it's with the same person for a long time, not that it's any less satisfying.

    Anyway, there's my contribution today. :D
  2. I just try to do as many different positionz as I can but my girl lovez it when I come in the room lookin' like this


  3. Mmmmm, sex with serial killers is always fucking sexy. :p
  4. My gf and I play priest-spanks-the-demons-out-of-young-girl.
    She always gets nostalgic, it's hawt.

    all seriousness aside, I always talk about fantasies with my gf, and we're quite willing to make them come true. as long as I'm able to walk around afterwards :eek:.

    she's already crippled though, she don't care.
  5. New positions, toys, random sex, slight teasing all day, having sex in odd places.

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