Excited, the weekend is coming

Discussion in 'General' started by Russ_T, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Hello everyone! My first post here :) I have done some reading and I feel the urge to join in with you guys :)

    Anyway I started smoking last year at uni and what a great time I had. I'm back at home now with my college buddies, one just bought his own place so now we have a fortnightly session, lots of good company, good films, good food and I laugh my ass off.

    Anyway I just had to write that I'm stoked because I ordered my first bong from here on Sunday night, with a stash container and some gauzes (I hope they're the right size!).

    I hope it turns up in time but it hasn't be dispatched yet so no change of it for this weekend :( Gutted.

    Oh well enjoy yourselves everyone, don't hit it too hard too often ( is that possible?? hehe ) and I hope you all have a fun weekend. I'm too excited to sleep!
  2. Very cool man, I hope you post here very often. Sounds like a cool deal you got going on there. Come back and post!
  3. WELCOME TO THE CITY!!! May you have many good posts and smokes here. I'm excited for this weekend too, gonna go visit a pal down south who grows. It's gonna be a hazy weekend, if you catch my drift.
  4. Welcome to the city...

    one thing you should remember about your order is that it's shipped from Amsterdam...so it does take a while.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!
  5. Welcome to the city.

    Have a brilliant weekend everyone, serious smoke up.

    Me and some friends might be attempting a 50 pinner joint...and in a few weeks a 100 pinner, see how it goes.
  6. Hey ho :) What a nice bunch of peeps you are.

    TheHempress: yep :) Its ok though as we have green this weekend and not poo so no real need for the bong anyway. The order is still in preshipping anyhow.

    Shogun2002: whats a pinner please??

    Well guys hope everyone has a very mellow and enjoyable weekend. Heres an idea for a thread

    This weekend I will be listening to the following choice songs and music videos repeatedly:

    Aphex twin: window licker, come to daddy, milkman
    Gorrillaz: A4010 or whatever the song is called
    Henry Mancini: Baby Elephant Walk

    And that's all I can think off apart from lots of good albums.

  7. Welcome to your new home on the 'Net. Spark one up and get to readin'!! :D

    And have a kick ass weekend!!
  8. Russ, a pinner is like each skin u use, say 3 skins stuck together for a joint would be called a 3 pinner.

    so 50 pinner...whole pack of skins :D
  9. I always considered a pinner joint or a pinner just to be a skinny mini, just a little skinny joint to get you going or high or whatever depending on the pot and your tolerance.

  10. Yup, same thing for me here in ol' Indianaville.... :D
  11. Well I just woke up and don't remember last night.

    Time to start again, cook some Pain au Chocolat and get going again!

    Hope everyones having a good one

  12. no, a pinner can be either a 1 pinner which would only start you off..a tiny 1 skin joint but a 7 pinner,7 skins...is a nice big joint that WILL get you fucked up./

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