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Excited for this cleanse!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hwillieyams, May 5, 2011.

  1. My quasi-hippy mom is making the whole family do a cleanse that supposedly cleans out a lot of the body. I'm gonna stop smoking for the 10 days the cleanse goes on, so that plus my system being "cleansed" should make my tolerance go waaaay down! :hello:
  2. Unsure if it'd make your tolerance go down. Thats a bit like taking a bath to remove your tan. Itll remove dirt, and if you exfoliate the tan might cme off, but generally a bath wont remove your tan. Id beware of these cleanse things, they're terrible for your liver eh.
  3. It won't have a massive effect on tolerance, but sometimes its nice to sit back and enjoy sobriety for a while. Plus, you have something special to look forward to!

  4. Actually this cleanses your liver, among other things. Or so my mom claims. It's seemed to work for her, so...

    Why wouldn't it make my tolerance go down though?
  5. What do you mean "cleanse"? haha
  6. the product probably just makes you poop a lot.
  7. (From what I believe) Tolerance is related to receptors in your brain, to lessen your tolerance you need to stimulate them less, by smoking less. This cleanse your mom is running doesn't have anything to do with cannabinoid receptors. A common misconception is that tolerance is related to the THC byproduct in your bloodstream.
  8. Ooooh, somehow that made it all make sense. Alright thanks hotdog! And others.
  9. If you want to actually cleanse your body. Do a waterfast for those ten days. It's very well worth it.
  10. I don't know how much it helped but I used to hit the sauna everyday when I was on my last break and it was fucking awesome :smoke:
  11. get a colonic

  12. Actually, I'm considering it. I had one years ago, and it was unpleasant to say the least, but it sure cleaned me out. :p
  13. I wanna smoke with your mom.
  14. 10days without smoking is gonna make ur tolerence go down without the cleansing stuff

  15. I'm sure you're right, I just thought the cleanse would do even more. But I have since been proven wrong!
  16. to the speds in this thread, 10 days is PLENTY to destroy whatever tolerance you've got built up (this is coming from someone that knows his way around marijuana.)

    If you drink 1 gallon, (Yes, a gallon you pussies. Its actually quite simple after the first couple days,) of water a day and workout and eat food regularly, (speeding up metabolic rate as well as increasing bloodflow to your brain from activity,) you might as well be a baby straight out the womb getting high.

    I do this and after 3 days with my metabolism, I am fucked after a hit of dank.

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