excited for march/april

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  1. Soo I'm pretty excited for the upcoming grow season for us on the northern hemisphere!! Woop woop :hello:!! I have a question though.
    When is a good time to setup your plot? Or does it really matter if I go out tomorrow and have it all setup for april?

    I assume it effects soil that has timed release ferts but will it effect something that has blood meal etc. etc. in it if I setup early?

    I have this random free time of about 2 hours a day (where I usually grow) which is why I ask.
  2. I started clearing my spots last month. Its easier when stuff is dead and its wet out to clear what's left. I haven't dug the holes tet though. Will be diggin em in feb and then covering with a tarp so they don't fill up with mud. In late feb early march I'll add my happy frog, worm castings and all those goodies to refill the soil and then lay some happy frog fertaliser on top for a few weeks. When I'm ready to transplant I'll redig a little and throw my baby in her new home. Its never to early to plan
  3. oh okay thanks man. I was just wondering if I was alone in thinking that working on your plot a few months early is a good idea. I suppose I got some clearin out to do ehh
  4. Have you seen what it looks like in the summer time? Last season I didn't find this spot until april and it looked great. I planted em and then by june I was like oh shit! Everything grew. I had no path to them. I had trouble finding them sometimes. So this time I am planning early to make sure less things grow back to make it a little easier on me.
  5. yeah true true. I already have my spots picked out and I know the surrounding land inside and out specifically for being able to find things in the summer. It can get to be quite the proverbial bitch.
  6. Tell me about it bro, i grew in 1 spot where i found in the late March 2012 and it was so bare haha by June/July i had like 8ft grass everywhere and huge bushes, was a nightmare

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