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Discussion in 'General' started by climbingtrees, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. there are some exchange students from spain, i want to introduce them to fine american herb, any suggestions? btw i dont think they smoke currently.
  2. haha that sounds like a fucking fantastic idea, i think you should just walk up to one of them and introduce yourself, then be like, "so hows the Europe herb?" since they dont currently smoke just be like, "its what all Americans do!!!" they'll prolly fall for it
  3. "fuma la mota como americanos"
  4. I'd make a few suggestions first and see how they react. Theres a canadian exchange student at my school named Steve, I found out he smokes and now we burn together on a regular basis together, we even made plans for me to come see him in canada and try some northern cheebah!

    If you somehow get them into burning it would be amazing, its cool to see how people from other countrys regard the U.S., and from him I learned that not all canadians sit around drinking and pouring maple syrup on there hands =P
  5. Translation?
  6. smoke the speck like the americans
  7. I got our foreign exchange student high twice. He was a pretty chill dude high.
  8. Make sure they know what their in for and that they can be cool about it. If they get caught, they'll be sent back to Espana and they're whole experience will be lost which would be a real bummer

    But if you can keep everyone chill, I'm sure they'll thank you for it forever :D

  9. oh shit im not down for that, screw that then.
  10. Hopefully its some hot exchange girls, blaze with them and make a porno.
  11. Ah no! I wasn't saying give up, just remember to be REALLY careful. If they're ready and willing, I'm sure you'll be alright.
  12. Haha why would they drug test exchange students randomly, and they don't have to be smoking like in the hallway at school, I'm sure he means outside of school.
  13. Yeah, I meant if they get caught in the act of doing something stupid they can be sent back. Drugs or alcohol alike.

  14. i vote this method
  15. i know a guy whos friends with a russian exchange student and he said they have to wait atleast a month to get weed so they pitch in hella money and buy a huge sack at the beginning of everymonth

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