excessive incense use

Discussion in 'General' started by glassy, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. who here uses, and spends wayyy to much money on incense to cover up the smell of pot?

    ..i must go through at least like 20 dollars worth a month and considering the cd store where i buy them sells them for 15 cents a piece thats alot of incense. Who here does the same?
  2. I dunno...i just spray some good smelling stuff if i smoke in my room or something, that plus a fan takes care of all the smell....in the car i have a tree air freshener...thats bout it
  3. i go thew the same amount maybe more but i normally buy nag champa awesome stuff while smokeing in ur room to chill out..........
  4. I almost never use em.

    But shit das exspensive for incense.

    I get pakcs of 22 for .99 cents.
  5. I used to to have one burning 24/7 but I started going through to many, and now I've just stopped buying em.
  6. i get 50 for 2 bucks. and i choose from about 30 scents

    I skipped the trouble and bought a kilo of sticks.
  8. i actually like the smell of incense :)

    and i get 50 for a dollar, and you can get the BIG sticks for a little bit more

    so i dont know what you are talking about, expensive:rolleyes:
  9. on ebay you can get 100 that smell good for like $2 + $1 shipping

    totally worth it
  10. or you could just buy a big can of oust 1.99. and a sploof.
  11. I fuckin' love incense! I buy it all the time. Nagchampa, the good Indian incense is the best.

    But, at my headshop they sell this incense called "Fizzypop"...smells EXACTLY like cream soda. Best ever. Makes me have the munchies so bad everytime I fire one up to cover up the smell. :)
  12. Yeah... I bought a kilo or so of Nag Champa a while back and had 3 going at the same time all the time but after a while my room would just get so hazy and I couldn't really smell... anything anymore. So, fuck that you know?

  13. Yeah constant incense dimished your smell for sure.
  14. Hehe I had these pink lil incence sticks called Aphrodesiac, they were a present from a friend.. I burn them occasionally if i'm smoking in my room..
    However I'm a little weary of burning too many and having them burning constantly especially if my room is closed up, coz I'm pretty sure they have some negative affects on ur lungs.
  15. an old friend of mine owns a candle store in the neighborhood i used to live in.

    he gets his nag champa straight from india in a huge box. the incense is still wet on the stick and is the freshest i have ever seen. it smells so good and burns so slow.

    i get 100 sticks for 2.50

    but i have to have windows open or something or else i feel like i'm in church when they have that insanely strong incense that just HITS you and you can't even breath.
  16. in NYC you get them on canal streer for at most $5.00 for 100. You are getting ripped off
  17. yeah i use them all the tyme but they r mad cheap. I prolly spend like 6 bucks every 2 months, maybe. JOE>
  18. Sploof = no incense.
  19. I only use an insense for about 2 minutes after we're done blazing. Its pointless otherwise.


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