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excersizing: to be high or not to be high?

Discussion in 'General' started by gardenfresh, May 31, 2009.

  1. i went to the gym for the first time today a little stoned, and it was like.... refreshing. i just did 45 mins on the elliptical and then just vegg'ed out in the steam room for like 15 minutes. didn't trip out but just relaxxxxeddd. still a little stoned when i left the gym.

    i got a fat doobie rolled up waiting for me on my way to the gym tomorrow, im thinking if im much higher than i was, the intensity will be amplified and the gym will be aweeesome.

    anyone have any similar gym experiences? or any bad experiences being stoned and excersizing?
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    when i exercise now after months of smoking i feel high once i start sweating. its a really werid feeling and i also feel high when im deprived of weed. i havent heard/read much on this and to me its not a placebo, i actually feel dazed.

    when i got on long runs and it comes to the end where i want to quit, i feel kinda dazed/high and i can focus on continuing.

    anyone experince this or have any info for me. :wave:

    edit: op it might be kinda dangerous to workout right smoking because mj elevates the heart rate and so the working out so i dont now how good it would be. just lifting weights should be weights but i dunno about cardio
  3. i dont smoke before my strength training days, but for everything else (arms, back, core, cardio) i smoke my brains out :smoking:
  4. im not a huge fan of being blazed when i work out or play sports...i play a lot of basketball and consider myself better than most, but when i try to play high im just horrible...also i get tired WAY faster when im high so its just not worth it.

  5. all i needed to hear, thanks :)

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