Exceedingly strange occurence

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  1. So a friend and I were walking down a road, hung a left and a right, and wound up on the same road going the other way... despite interconnecting roads... both of us felt very different.. and we have no idea what happened. I wouldnt go so fas as to venture a guess as I have no clue. Neither of us have any idea how we got there:confused:

  2. yea man, i have that shit all the time where im either talking or thinking hard and then i actually look around... and im like fuck. what happened the last ten minutes? stoner brain man.
  3. are you an idiot?

    it was obviously crab people
  4. every body knows crab people are aliens
  5. maybe you turned around...:confused:
  6. the thing is, we never made our way to the road we found ourselves on. We weren't even stoned, and had a collective blankout,
  7. The crab people cant even front against the alien deathrays that their "eyes "produce. get is straight jeeeeeez:confused:
  8. haha i lol'd +rep
  9. K now that you said you werent stoned that really is messed up... I just assumed you were stoned haha.
    Mind boggling.
  10. no dude it was the mayans.where you think they went?

  11. Roanoke Island
  12. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  13. your being lost was meant to be. did u learn anything from it?

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