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  1. how can you get stoned with excedrine? How many should u take at a time and how long does it last?
  2. Call me crazy, but these are marijuana forums. I would not think you should take excedrine looking for a buzz. Stick with the sweet herb.
  3. but what about when i run out for a bit?
  4. you dumbass.. seriously though, if you're looking for a good use for excedrine.. get wasted (drunk).. wait till the next morning.. and use it to cure your hangover. i mean hell.. even if there was a way to get stoned off excedrine.. you put it in the wrong foruM! nobody's gunna give you what you're looking for in here! i have no tolernance whatsoever for stupid people, and you are a stupid person. and probably like 13 years old.
  5. I have heard that excedrine has some very similar if not the same core chemicals as such hardcore drugs as pcp. Its bad stuff. Wait until you get a bag and relax
  6. what are you guys talking about? this IS a marijuana forum, but we can talk about any other drug on it.. its in the "general" section, too. any drug goes here!

    but i really doubt you can get a buzz on excedrine, isnt it for headaches? i bet you'd be higher if you just stand on your hands for a few minutes and sit back up...

    btw, why are you guys being so damn mean? chill out (this is the "chillout zone for god sakes ;)). He's a new member too, i bet he has a horrible impression on the type of people who go here now...

  7. It's only in the general forum because I moved it here a few minutes ago. It was orginally in the medical marijuana forum.

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    Moved (with redirect) to 'General' by IndianaToker on 04-28-2004 03:41 PM.

  8. i apologize, my intention was not to be rude. also, it was in the medical mj forum (as already stated). if my first impression was 'RUDE' i apologize, but you must understnad your first impression was.. less than par. thanks you and good night :)
  9. damn i know. they jump on you like african wildcats. chill kids.
  10. lol this kids probably just messing with us hahha and having a good time reading how you got so tweaked about it

    and if you're not kidding,you might fucking die if you take a ton of those trying to get a buzz

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