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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Titoelbambino, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I finally convinced my mom to give me something for my insomnia, so she's going to give me 2 excederin PM pills. will this be effective?
  2. It's only an OTC drug so.. if Tylenol PM does not work, I'd doubt Excedrin would, either.
    Ambiem should help with Insomnia, though.
    I used to have a pretty gnarly case of it, I didn't ever take medicine to help it, but I did smoke fair amounts of bud before I went to bed, that seemed to help.
  3. most likely no if you really have insomnia.
  4. I doubt it's official insomnia, I just can't cope with the sensory deprivation that comes with laying in bed for hours trying to sleep, so I get up and do other stuff. I just want something that'll knock me out before i get bored.
  5. try xanax if you really wanna b knocked out!
  6. or klonopin

    I prefer xanax

  7. Your not 18 are you?

    I mean, I recently asked my mom for something for my insomnia, and she gave me a seroquil, and 3 trazadones.

    Excedrin PM is the same as Tylenol PM, and Benadryl with out the acetaminophen. I'm sure you've taken benadryl, so take and apply.
  8. Benzos are good for sleep. Or ambien. I've got a leftover bottle of 100mg trazodone that I take sometimes.

    You couldn't go get your own excedrin PM from the pharmacy?
  9. Meth works good I hear.

    Get some ambien or benzos :p
  10. If only it were that easy. :rolleyes:
  11. i just took two!
  12. 19, but i dont have any money and even if i did, i wouldnt wanna have to hide a bottle of pills from my parents. They've just started trusting me again after finding my weed a few months ago.

    But in any case, the excederin PM worked pretty well... it made my heart beat really slow and I was able to fall asleep on the couch in front of the tv. I woke up and Girls Gone Wild was on :D
  13. A good OTC choice.
  14. I've suffered from SEVER SEVER insomnia. 70% of getting to sleep is mental man. You have to want to fall to sleep. Start taking melatonin every night to get your clock synched and take the diphen (pm pills) to help enable you to sleep. You should be good in a few nights.

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