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Exams+Weed break+Revision+BLAZING SUN = Me depressed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr Stoned, May 31, 2009.

  1. So yeah I've got my A level exams starting Friday and finishing a week and a half later. I've done bits and bobs of revision but not at all enough. I just find it so boring a tedious that I always find something else to do. But the exams I've got, Philosophy, English and Media are all hard as fuck, particularly Philosophy. I need 3 Cs to get into The University of Nottingham which is the 16th best Uni in the country, and have already got enough marks in English and Media to get above that, but Philosophy will be hard as fuck. Either way, I want to do as best I can and am aiming for AAB. However, I smoke weed pretty much everyday and am hopelessly addicted to going out with my friends and getting blazed (cause it's a fucking great way to live). Last night I swore to myself that that was my last smoke until after the exams are finished. Unfortunately, the weather in England is normally poor and overcast but the last few days it's been fucking amazing with not a cloud in the sky. This is blatently the best blazing weather by far and it's depressing as fuck knowing all my friends are out right now in the sun getting baked and Im just sat here, staying sober = [[
  2. The green will always be around, get your work done first. Good luck my friend.
  3. Yeah that sucks man.
    It will be veerrryy worth it once you finish your exams and get into a pretty good school. So hang in there man.
    And it will help prove to yourself that you dont need to smoke
  4. Get the fuck off the computer and do your studying.

    Sorry I had to put it like that but what would you think when you are unable to get into this university because of pot?
  5. It's the clear minded soberness that I'm doing it for. One cannot deny that after constant weed smoking, a few days off the green will unlock many complex words and phrases that were stored away in the mind and clouded by the constant stoned.
  6. Thanks for smoking a bowl for me 'smoke da weed', haven't yet today
  7. It was a joint this time, but you are welcome. :smoking:
  8. ooh that sounds devastating lol. I'm pretty much the opposite, sadly. I'm one week away from graduating high school and all I got left to worry about is my Social Studies final. The assignment is to come up with the perfect government system for a brand new country(completee with a Constitution, Declaration of Independence, etc) . What I've been doing is rolling up a swisher an then locking myself in my room with my work for an hour or two a day. I'm about 90& done now :)

    EDIT: LOL @ smoke da weed's signature.
  9. DO WORK.. and then the reward will be that much better.
  10. Yea I got SAT's on saturday, so fun..

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