examples of how marijuana has helped you in a positive way

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  1. putting aside all the great times we've had with the magical herb, i thought it would be pretty cool if we could share some of the positives marijuana (not saying there are negatives, not for me at least) has had on our lives. i'll share one:

    i'm used to be a really shy guy, more than shy, idk how to explain it, but for example, if I had a question in math class, I was too shy to raise my hand and ask. Yeah, it was that bad... When I first started smoking, I noticed that I wasn't shy anymore, it was an awesome feeling. Out of my high, I resumed my shy state, but when I was high, I was pretty much the opposite of shy, i loved it. After I became a weekly toker, I just let go of my shy self, and I'm really not shy anymore, it's a great feeling!

    share away my friends! :smoke:
  2. Learning to appreciate the cycles of nature, and all the lessons of growing, have given me a new attitude about the possibilities of life itself.

    Plus, with herb, I am cheerful and gracious.
    Without herb I am Godzilla with a toothache.
  3. Hmmmm I made the deans list last year and I was stoned the majority of the time. I wrote essays blazed out of my mind and made A's and B's on them.

    If I'm not a walking ad for accomplished/motivated stoner I don't know what is..
  4. It's helped me calm down and relax much more- causing me to enjoy life even more so. It also has allowed me to get much closer to my friends and meet many new great people. My perspective on life and it's beauty has also grown and evolved.
  5. I may be one of the first cases of this..
    But smoking marijuana has actually IMPROVED my hand-eye coordination.
  6. When i smoke before hockey games I'm so much more focused and patient with the puck. I am better defensively and my shot is more accurate stoned, the only problem is my legs get tired a lot quicker after i smoke... It's worth it though i think. :rolleyes:
  7. Made me way more sociable towards everyone. Didn't care what i did in front of people when i was high
  8. Met lots of people and made alot of friends, makes it easier to express what I'm feeling, helps my appetite and helps me sleep (I'm skinny and I have a hard time sleeping sober, before and after I started smoking), helps me understand things I normally wouldn't have. Plus it makes me feel good, whether im stoned or not.
  9. It definitely has been a great social outlet for me. It also has helped me sleep and cope with depression. It has it's negatives but as a whole weed has been very good to me. I think it should be treated like alcohol and be made legal when your 21, but used by everyone when they are 18.

    I say this because if I ever have kids I don't like the idea of them starting to smoke before they are fully developed and intelligent enough to handle drugs properly and respectfully. Kids I know who smoked when they were 14 turned out to be screw ups, far more often than not. It is a concern that should NOT be ignored by the casual smoker.

    People who smoke should not press for legalization entirely, but for legalization after a ceratin age of maturity is reached. Any intelligent toker should understand that allowing just anyone to smoke can and WILL create a lot of problems.
  10. Let's see, pot has:

    Helped me quit cigarettes, helped me stop playing world of warcraft ( was a hardcore addict), helped me expand my musical horizons, helped me with career choices, helped me stay optimistic through life when things go down looking at the bright side instead of the bad side, and helped me realize a lot of the wrong things about my life which in turn helped me take action into correcting the many mistakes I have made and am currently making. Basically, I love pot in my life and I'll never give up on the ganja.
  11. without weed i used to be real fucking tense. i had some serious anger problems. i was pretty much just a continuously pissed off person. i still am in a way. but its not half as bad.
  12. Good post, however the only thing i disagree with is "but used by everyone when they are 18."

    No one should be REQUIRED to smoke dude, sober people, pot heads, junkies, crack heads all make the world go around and give it flavor, if you will. i admire the sober person for being sober as much as i respect a pot heads opinion.

    You just simply can't have a whole nation walking around with joints hanging out their mouths. just not gunna happen.

    Maybe i read your post wrong, but thats the only point i disagree with :)

    Waiting until you get older is a definite good thing, i didn't start smoking MJ myself until i was about 17-18ish anyway....got tired of alcohol and wanted a alternative :)
  13. end of my sophmore year in highschool i was getting a straight 3.0...decent gpa i know...but then i started smoking, got more creative in class, with my homework, with making school work for me...graduated with a 3.7...woulda been perfect, but i fucked around in gym class...cause c'mon its fuckin gym class...i never once sat there and did all those stretches, and ran around a track for 45 minutes in a walk run walk run pattern...

    in other ways, i met more people, it made me work harder and work through the stress, it made me appreciate music of all kinds...johnny cash, to wu tang, beatles to pac, george thoroughgood to primus...

    it helps my back feel better...and alot of times, it opens me up enough to something new, ex local resturaunts...especially thai and indian...along with other things like fishing in different spots, going to different clubs, and stuff like that...
  14. Friends. I have met some really cool people and hung out with people I never thought I would. Some of my closest friends are people that I smoke with. I think that most people that smoke are nice open-minded people. I mean, to try it in the first place you need an open-mind. SO I would have to say all the people and friends that come along with it are the best part for me.

    With that being said I also enjoy smoking alone, so it's not like I smoke just so that I can have friends...I enjoy smoking and that's just an added bonus.
  15. Yup, you read it wrong so you agree with everything :hello:. I meant that it's used by people who are underage quite frequently.

    Implying that, with the law saying you have to be 21, it kind of sets the bar a little high so as to keep kids from smoking too early. But, like alcohol, many will eventually break the law and use weed anyways.

    In fact, it's kind of eery how similar our opinions are. I definitely would not want someone to smoke pot if they did not want to.

    To each his own and I truly believe that. How could I say everyone should smoke weed because i do when i HATE when people who don't smoke it think I shouldn't just because they don't?

    I wouldn't. :cool:

    If I'm not harming the nonsmoker they should mind their own goddamn business.
  16. kewl kewl just makin sure man, im sure these things happen on a stoner forum. lol!

    I believe MJ has helped me distinguish which things are important to me in my life and helps me live in a more positive way, I like to have nice things. But not to the point where it's in excess and MJ really helps me appreciate many of the small things that go on around me, especially as i get older and mature. it's amazing how one little thing can make you or break you in the long run. gotta love life :)
  17. its given me more confidence in certain situations
    its helped me become more open minded
    its helped given me some of the most amazing nights of my life
  18. Word, Stress relif.
  19. I know this probably sounds a little off the wall, but back when I was working at a pizza shop, I really didn't like what I did at all....until I did it stoned. Nothing made me feel better than having someone tell me how good my pizza was, or making some little kids day just cause he got to see the pizza guy toss around some dough.

    Now i'm unloading trucks at a warehouse because the people I worked for at the pizza place are assholes, only good thing about the place was the boss had good herb and was cool with you smoking in the alley. One day i'll have my own place though and it will all be good.
  20. doughman, i know what you mean man, simple things that can make your day, i love things like that.

    another one:
    I've noticed that my relationship with my mother has been getting a lot better. I talk to her more often about things I usually would not talk to her about, and I make her laugh more.

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