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Example of someone who needs medical marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheRedPill, May 16, 2011.

  1. Please help!

    I'm writing an essay and I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen(and ladies) could point me in the direction of an article about a medical marijuana patient that I could use to advocate for California laws. A reputable website (or a website a teacher would consider reputable) is preferred, but I'm thankful for any help.
  2. I cant think of any one person that is documented but in The Union the host or w.e you would call him interviews a man with ms and it clearly shows the two different states hes in when high and not. One functional one not.

    only thing i can think of that could possibly help you

    edit- There has to be some things documented for cannabis and chrons disease its pretty common and many people find only relief from cannabis. So maybe do a search on that.
  3. Anyone whos sick. its cures or treats just about everything. This is something you really could just spend 5 minutes googling and be able to write your whole paper. Imma help you with one video, but dont be lazy. look up articles for yourself.
    [ame=]YouTube - Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana[/ame]
  4. Why I Give My Autistic Son Pot, Part1 (news – 2010)

    Why I am giving marijuana to my 9-year-old autistic son.

    Why I Give My Autistic Son Pot, Part2 (news – 2010)

    Why I give marijuana to my autistic child.

    Why I Give My 9-Year-Old Pot, Part 3 (news 2010)

    I give my autistic son pot. - By Marie Myung-Ok Lee - Slate Magazine

    Why I Give My Autistic Son Pot, Part 4 (news – 2011)

    Medical marijuana: I give my autistic son pot. - By Marie Myung-Ok Lee - Slate Magazine

    ANECDOTAL ARTICLES (anecdotal - no date) - Medical / Healing Information

    ADHD by Ryan P (anecdotal - no date)
    ADHD by Ryan P

    Menière's Syndrome by Charlie Ritchie (anecdotal - no date)
    Menire's Syndrome by Charlie Ritchie

    Chemotherapy for Testicular Cancer (anecdotal - no date)

    Smoking dope restored my sight (news/anecdotal - 1998)
    BBC News | Health | Smoking dope restored my sight

    Recipe For Trouble (news/anecdotal - 2002)
    Recipe For Trouble - 48 Hours - CBS News

    'How cannabis helped me' (news/anecdotal - 2003)
    BBC NEWS | Health | 'How cannabis helped me'

    Skin Complaint Man Grew Cannabis (news/ anecdotal- 2004)
    UK: Skin Complaint Man Grew Cannabis

    Testimony of Mr. Rene Carlos Guevara to FDA (anecdotal - 2005)

    Testimony of Terry Jacobs to FDA - why he prefers for medical marijuana to Marinol (news/anecdotal - 2005)

    Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) for Fibromyalgia (anecdotal - 2007 - 2010)
    Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) for Fibromyalgia

    Shared Comments and Observations (anecdotal - 2009)

    Julie Falco brings hope to Multiple Sclerosis patients. Cannabinoids manage pain and promote repair! (news - 2010)

    The Cannabis Closet: Severe Eczema (anecdotal - 2010)
    The Cannabis Closet: Severe Eczema - The Daily Dish - The Atlantic

    Cannabis and PTSD by Michael McKenna (anecdotal - 2010)
    Marijuana-Uses » Blog Archive » Cannabis and PTSD by Michael McKenna

    Steamboat mom sees results from giving autistic son medical marijuana
    (anecdotal/news - 2010)
    Steamboat Today: Steamboat mom sees results from giving autistic son medical marijuana

    Up in smoke: 'Cannabis gave me my life back' (anecdotal – 2010)

    Up in smoke: 'Cannabis gave me my life back' - Features, Health & Families - The Independent

    Father: Medical marijuana eased pain of my cancer-battling son (anecdotal – 2011)

    Father: Medical marijuana eased pain of my cancer-battling son | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News | Local & Regional

    For more info on medical cannabis, click that first link in my sig!

    Granny :wave:
  5. You guys rock. I love Grasscity.

    If any of you are ever around the University of Oregon, send me a pm and I'll have a bowl with your name on it.
  6. Well, this popped up and i had a couple to post. BUT i saw Storm Crow beat me to it. Gotta get up pretty early to get ahead of Storm.......

    Keep up the good work!

    And good luck on your assignment.
  7. Yeah the guy had Multiple Sclerosis and he was twitching like hell without medical weed.
  8. if you have some type of pain then the marijuana could then be used medically.
  9. i dont think granny mentioned it (sorry if you did) but you could definitely write about irv rosenfeld, one of the few federally recognized and supplied medical marijuana patients still alive. he has a rare bone disease iirc.
  10. Also, Elvy Musika is another survivor of the federal MMJ program who has a few things on the net. I had the great pleasure to meet (and hug!) her at the the recent OGF event up in Portland!

  11. Those links were great Storm, really helped. And the paper turned out great btw, I expect an A+.
  12. Most cool! Anyone doing a paper on cannabis is always welcome to use my List!

  13. Do you mind if i post your list on FB Granny?
  14. #14 Storm Crow, May 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2011
    Honey, I am always happy to see my list go up anywhere! (excepting porn and "hate" sites) Just get the PDF and don't try to copy it from GC! Unfortunately, when the URLs are shown in a shortened form, they just don't copy and paste! :(

    It's always a trip when I find my List on "wild sites" - sites where someone has copied and pasted the List from GC or elsewhere. One time, I found a pirated version of my list on a RUSSIAN MJ forum. :eek: I am now a member of OLK-peace! I had to give them the "real thing" and that involved joining so I could post! (I now get Viagra ads in six different languages, including Russian! :p )

    So post the List up, with my blessings! I don't care that much whether I get credit or not, since every time my list is shared, we get closer to legalization! And that is WAY more important than stroking my ego!

    Educating others is the only certain way to get cannabis legal! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  15. Thanks for these threads!
    The reading is amazing! I never knew about a Federally Funded MMJ!!

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