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exactly how you apply for med use?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pokernaut, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. i moved to a med use state SPECIFICALLY because i wanted to be able to smoke legally. i have a totally legitimate medical use claim due to constant pain nerve damage.

    the 1st time i actually smoked here was with a couple dudes, one of whom was actually a doctor who said that he could sign my application off and that i could pick one up at any hospital, but i never ran into him again.

    OK... so i know where to get an application now, but how do i go about getting it OKed now? the second time i smoked here, the people i talked to said it's really hard to get an OK. i asked if i needed to get a lawyer or something and they implied yes.

    what's the proper procedure here? i haven't been able to find and info and i have serious doubts that you can just go to any doctor for the OK because they fear federal reprisals from what i remember reading.

    am i looking at a catch 22?

    any info on the proper way to do this would be greatly appreciated. 1,000 thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me what i need to do.
  2. your states department of public health and environment web site you can just do a search, that is what i did... you can talk to your primary care physician and if he is not understanding you can look for another doctor....
  3. depends what state your in, so which one is it??
  4. i'm in oregon and don't have a doctor out here. i moved here SPECIFICALLY for the med use after i researched all the states that have it. colorado is too yuppie and california is too nutty from the one time i visited there. i liked the sound of laid back oregon.

    my primary physician is in another state that isn't med use, so he'd be totally useless here i'm sure.

    as to finding a doctor, THAT is the can of beans i'm having trouble with. i don't feel like spending $200 on an office visit to a doctor who's anti-med-use.

    "thank's for your $200... i can't help you... bye"

    i was hopintg there's some sort of info network or something telling me where to go.
  5. I would really love to know this also. I live in rural Virginia at the moment but I am planning to move to Oregon in the near future. My gf has bad insomnia and ocd so I'm pretty sure she could get it.
  6. high times might be able to help you

    search around.....
  7. go to the doctor...
  8. yes, i know i need to see a doctor, but not all doctors are sympathetic to med use. the federal government likes to lean on doctors that prescribe for med use and i've read of at least one case where they've made an example out of a doctor before a few years back.

    then there's the whole issue that ONLY drugs made by drug companies can be considered as remedies. the bribed whores (i mean lobbied politicians) only allow for products made by drug companies to be considered as medication.

    i REFUSE to go to ANY doctor until i KNOW they aren't anti-med use in advance. i'm not going to waste my money on one that has no intention of prescribing for me.

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