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Exact steps to using someone else's Urine

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Godofsleep, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. I have a drug test coming up here most likely in the next 3 or 4 days and I didn't have time to prepare. So I'm going to use a friend's urine that the clean what I need to know its exact steps on what to do what to put the urine in how long I have before the temperature drops below the 90° Fahrenheit it needs to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit I've been told so what do I put it in and then how do you put it into the cop do I put it in a syringe do I tape it to my body do I have to use hand warmers if I can get the sample within an hour and do I put it in a rubber I mean I just want to know the exact steps that someone is taking where it works every time for him and it's really easy because if I put it in a rubber how do you open up the rubber if you tied in a knot what if he can't get the nod open I ain't going to bite into it? anyways you'd be really helping someone out a lot if anybody can give me the exact way that you use someone else's urine for a drug test if you're NOT being watched. Thanks ahead of time all. Jeff
  2. Alright man you've got the main things down. The most important thing is stealth and temperature. Ensure the temp is between 90-100 as you've stated.Also I use a plastic bottle that holds 2 oz (60 ml) with a screw on top.

    Here is what I personally have done over a dozen times and never had an issue, even in a public restroom (stalls) with the tester standing right outside the stall!

    Get clean pee.
    Put clean pee in a 2 oz bottle. Any type will work that's your preference. I do not use condoms, not my cup of tea, too flimsy.
    Put bottle with clean pee in microwave 1 hr b4 drug test. Microwave for a few seconds at a time until you reach 100 degrees ish.
    Depending on how long it'll be until you take the test you can either A. use a hand/foot warmer and tape it to the bottle, or B. Use just body heat to maintain the temp.
    Use an Ace bandage wrap and secure bottle to your inner upper thigh area. Make it comfortable and hidden. I can pull this off in dress pants (interview) even!
    Sometimes I would use tape (electrical) and tape around the bottom of my ace bandage /bottle to ensure it cannot fall down.. it wont anyway but its peace of mind..
    When you get to the point of taking the piss test remember be silent. That's all that matters. Don't rush it, be quiet. They cannot say you pee to quiet.
    Practice pouring the bottle w/o making any sounds at home!!
    When you are about to "pee" get the collection cup ready.
    Take your fake pee out, slowly open the top, pour slowly into collection cup, verify temp.
    If the temps too cold rub your finger across your jeans rapidly to make heat and place it on the collection strip to warm it up a bit as you hand it to the nurse.
    If it's too cold place it on the back of the toilet lid. Blow on it and cool it down a degree every 30 seconds aprx.

    It's all about practice man its really not hard. Its confidence. I'm sorry if i fucked up in the tutorial im drunk and high af lol ! Cheers bro!
  3. I heated it up in the microwave too much. I thought it would cool more on the way. I had it in my bra. I just used a thermometer that you take your temp with. Before I went in the place, I put it in there and it was 104, so I just sat it on the sidewalk .
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  4. This is perfect right here.

    I did the same thing first 2 times I had to do it. Always was paranoid it would cool off to fast so i overheated it, almost ended up to hot for the test.
  5. Gently put your hand on their penis and aim it towards the cup you plan on using.

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