Ex wants to chill on new years

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  1. Long story short, me and this girl were seeing each other for about a month, but broke up after I confessed to hooking up with another girl the weekend before I asked her out (shitty move on my part). Since the breakup she's been trying to stay in contact with me and recently invited me to party with her on New Years. You blades think she's looking for some fun or just being friendly?
  2. She wants the D, even if she doesn't know it yet.
  3. Agreed.
  4. Last time that happened to me, my x got waisted and was throwing up by 10 before i got there. Super lame, got no puss.
  5. Good lord that sucks hahaha

  6. I'm trying to be that girl
  7. Go for it dude, can't hurt
  8. she misses u. She prolly just wants someone to spend time with on New Years. Who doesnt?

    I say go for it homie. And if she tries to make a sexual move on u. Then thats bonus points.

  9. Stick it in her butt then make her suck it.
  10. Lol I came here to make this thread. You go for it and don't puss out OP. You got this, man. We're both getting laid on New Year's.
  11. Thanks for all the love guys, I certainly hope it works out
  12. OP scored new years butt sex.

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