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Discussion in 'General' started by leodicapario, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I Just got back from a buddies house and i bought an X tab. It was pink, and double stamped, i forget what it was called, but it had like some sort of symbol on it similar to an X. I was just wondering if anyone ever seen or tried these, cause from the way he was tripinnin off 2 of them, im sure this one will be plenty since i havent touched it in awhile. And BTW he said they are named after some guy.. i dunno if that makes sence to u or not...:confused:
  2. wow thats a badass site... ty for the link man :)
  3. only guy's name ive herd X being reffered to is ADAM
  4. E is fucked.

    Don't think i'll ever do it.
  5. Rolls can be fun, yet dangerous at the same time. Sounds like an evil X tab. It's mostly MDMA, but I can't remember if the additive was Caffiene or Kentamine. Stick with 100% MDMA! That shit is nice.
  6. i know its hard to find a trustworthy connect, but like melkor said...stick with mdma.

    mollies with a few hits of green is almost orgasmic throughout your body.
  7. I thought X was made in home labs and stuff like that, so how does a person know exactly what he or she is getting. Thats one of the reasons I never taken the drug. I have also seen people freak out really bad and in my opinion they just look crazy while their trippin.

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