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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbalist90, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Everyone knows that pot is harmless, so why do ex-potheads preach about its dangers?

    Im high and curious :smoke:
  2. Dude there are people whom marijuana has affected negatively in their lives. I am one of those people, but I will return to smoking herb, and unlike those individuals that stop and then bash it, I understand that my problems were with my will, my life and myself, not with the ganja.

  3. Ahhh but isn't that more of a responsibility issue?
  4. Yeah, i reckon, but a lot of those ex-potheads say "it made me lazy, it made me lose my job, my girl, it destroyed my life."

    technically those are responsibility problems, but they choose to blame the marijuana.
    And, not gonna lie, fucking up like that is SO much easier with weed. When ur not abusing any kind of substance, its easier to keep ur shit together than when u are
  5. The people who freak out when smoking it most likely just creeps them out. but I don't know. I am pro marijuana the whole way positive effects when smoking
  6. But arent them same ex-potheads the people who live with mum and spend all their money on pot rather than other more important things, such as girlfriends?
  7. its like when people give up cigarettes and preach at smokers. as my granny always said "theres nothing worse than a reformed whoor" dont really know what it means but she always said it about people who quit something then preach at prople who still do it!
    also i think ex stoners are just dieing for a spliff so they take it out in those of us privilaged enough to still smoke it!

  8. Yeah maybe, thats why they stopped smoking pot perhaps lol
  9. Spend your money on more important things like girlfriends? Lol goldiggers.
  10. I think ex stoners are just dieing for a spliff so they take it out in those of us privilaged enough to still smoke it! [​IMG]
  11. I was an ex-smoker, but, back in the day all we ever saw was soapbar and I was young. Now at 32 years I've restarted on the weed. The only dangers I can forsee is that it is damn good fun smoking weed and I enjoy the ritual of making a spliff. My problem is I'm up all night getting high! I need to put in some will power and get myself to bed early.

    As previously mentioned, pot doesn't ruin lives its that own person and their ability to get off their arse and do something.
  12. Because Marijuana makes you procrastinate. Trust me I've been sober and a pothead and I can get 2-3 times more work down sober than high.
  13. because they are retarded enough to not get shit done when they're high. it's not even hard to get up and do something when you're high either. they're just lazy fucks who turn to something other than themselves to blame.

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