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Ex-Pot smokers...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lycanthropy, Mar 29, 2004.


Do ex-pot smokers usually turn asshole-ish?

  1. Yes

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  2. Usually

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  3. Not really

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  4. No

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  5. No, but you're definitely asshole-ish. I laugh at your pain.

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  1. Ey everyone. So here's my question: Is it just me, or is it that when people quit smoking pot after semi-long-term use (and coincidentally, find the "truth" about pot), why do they ALWAYS turn into assholes? It seems to be somewhat of a universal pattern here. Gebleh!

    Wouldn't it make more sense to just leave behind the past that you obviously would like to forget and just move on instead of being an anti-marijuana advocate? Just a question of logic here. I don't know. I just find it annoying when people make a U-turn in their lives like that and prosecute the ones they've been friends with forever. It's messed up in my eyes.

  2. what do you mean when you say they find the "truth"?
  3. Well hey I'm going to go clean and I don't plan on being an asshole. I know I say that now, but I will always be open minded about people smoking. I still have a grip of friends who smoke weed and I'm sure as hell not gonna give them shit. I'm just gonna tell them to keep packing those bowls.
  4. A lot of people I know turned "asshole-ish" but not all of them. Like my dad...he still not an asshole...well, most of the time. (But I dont think it has to do with quitting)
  5. some people do, others don't. not everyone turns out that way. and do you mean assholish towards weed or assholish in general?
  6. im guessing the truth is a problem in thier life that they blame smoking on. i know many people like this they used to smoke daily like me but then once they quit they were like that shit was bringingme down and stuff like that.
  7. I had a friend who smoked for 3 years straight, got in trouble with the law, and quit for a whole year. During that time, his personality didnt change a bit. We would smoke blunts out on his poarch still, and just pass it by him. Nothing new, one less head, two less lungs to be coughed up, thats it.

    oh yea.. he smokes again now :)
  8. Some of my buddies have had to quit over the years for different reason and none of them have become assholes. One of them got a job with the post office and doesnt want to ride in the car while were smoking but he doesnt look down on us or anything because we do smoke. That would make him a hyprocrite. Ive cut back but havent quit, but when i do quit i dont plan on turining into an asshole. I think i have become a better and more open person sense i started smoking pot. I can relax and see the beauty in nature and stuff like that now that i never noticed before. I think i have become n all around better person since i have started token.
  9. By "truth" he means the propaganda bullshit the government preaches as the truth.

  10. What Nam said.

    Sorry for not replying; my ISP hates me for some reason. *Shrugs* But yes, the bullshit that they cram down our throats daily is what I meant as the "truth."


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