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  1. So, I posted the story here about 2 weeks ago about how my ex burned me really bad...

    Recap :She was married, never got a divorce despite telling me she was going to, and left me for him.

    Well: since she left me, she texted me one night, and it ended up turning into a bit of an argument. That was over a week ago, and we hadnt talked since. Well, she texts me the other night saying "I'm really sorry about how things ended with us". I'm trying to get over her. But for some reason i decided to ask a couple questions. I ask why she cant see me in person and she says "I'm not ready"
    This doesnt make sense to me. "If you arent ready to see me as something other than your boyfriend, why did you break up in the first place?"
    She responds "I had to"
    "Is this what you want"
    I ask her why it feels like she isnt being honest. She responds with "Do I want to be with you? Yes, but I cant. I had to make a decision"

    That got me thinking. When she left him, she left him on her own. She left him because she wasnt happy. Before we ever got involved with each other, she was always telling me how she didnt want to get married, but for some reason, she went ahead with it. It didnt last long, and she left him. Then, only after about 2 months, we started getting together as more than friends. All the time, he was trying to win her back. She was able to get over him and start a relationship where she was happy for over a year with him still attempting to win her back.

    I asked her "were you truly and completely happy when we were together"
    She says "yes, things were great"
    So why is it that she was able to have a relationship with me, and be completely happy while he was still attempting to come back into her life. But in order to have a relationship with him, she cant see or talk to me. I asked if we could meet in person and just talk. She said "No, it will just confuse me".

    Am I wrong here or what? But it doesnt make much sense to me. In order to get over me, she has to pretend that I dont exist. But she was over him (and promised me that she was over him and completely happy when we were together, but things recently changed). She was over him, forced to have involvement with him (mostly because of her mother refusing to believe that she had left him). Does it not seem like she isnt being honest with herself. Why does it require her to pretend I dont exist to get over me?

    I asked her to meet me, and if she could tell me to my face that she didnt love me that I would believe her, and she told me "I cant see you in person, it will confuse me" She could see him, and wasnt confused for over a year. She said something recently changed. It makes me think that she isnt doing what she wants.

    Sorry if this is incoherent. Its kind of hard for me to explain it. I dont know, any comments would be appreciated.
  2. I got to here and read enough. Run away if you can. I'd almost say tell her husband, people who cheat should have thier lives crushed (the person that is dating another and cheats). But the best answer is get away before that car wreck explodes.
  3. ^

    I was going to say what he said. Delete her from your phone and don't respond to any more texts. If you both will let her she will just keep going back and forth.
  4. That's how all girls are. Trust me
  5. I remember reading your other story. Op...run...get away from that succubus!

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