Ex-Girlfriend is single

Discussion in 'General' started by IHOPafterToking, May 21, 2012.

  1. So let me start this off by saying that i broke up with her. She got a new boyfriend, and just broke up with him. I want her back but im afraid to talk to her. hmmp. :(
  2. Give me her number and I'll talk to her for ya!
  3. Did you break up with her for a good reason? If not and you are still I interested then go for it. Worst she can do is say you son of a bitch you cheat on me give me herpes and now you want back together!
  4. I had no legitimate reason for breaking up with her. Im just stupid, because i thought i didnt need her to be happy. soory for sounding like a flamer lol, just a bad day
  5. I feel ya on that one...

    Have you been with anyone since?

    If not,I'd say wait until you've been with someone else before you think about getting back with her.
  6. Yeah, but they were basically just friends with benefits. No true feelings whatsoever
  7. Dating your ex is like buying your own shit back from your own garage sale. You got rid of them for a reason. :)
  8. Hmmmm....

    How long were you together for?

    How long have you been broken up and how long was she with the other guy?

    Do you know how serious their relationship was?
  9. Some Beta shit ITT, Man the fuck up.

  10. I mean, I guess that's necessary
  11. Your heart already wants her back. You made this thread cz your mind told you too. Whats really holding you back? I say you go for it.
  12. That's pretty good. :cool:

    Yeah, horrible idea.
  13. Im talking to her right now :) thanks for the help everyone. Ill take it from here :smoke:
  14. Make sure you give us an update!
  15. Dude I heard the beta male was like the new alpha male.

    It's gotta be true I heard it on Tyra.

  16. :rolleyes: Do realize the heart is just an organ that pumps blood through the body?
  17. just start talking to her again casually and ask to chill just rekindle what you used to feel
  18. will do!
  19. Im meeting with her again tomorrow :D
  20. Sounds like you've got it sorted! Plus as it was you that broke it off your doing it on your terms, its not like she dumped you and your crawling back to her begging her to take you back.

    good luck

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