Ex girlfriend is pregnant

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  1. and texting me about it

  2. Sorry to hear....or, congratulations ?
  3. Uh... Like, is it yours?
  4. Might as well fuck her raw, shes already pregnant
  6. If that bagel is yours, you'd better foot at least part of the bill and be on the scene!
  7. oh well then. Fabulous .
    Lol it's not my kid. Her and her BF that she had it with broke up and she's texting me about how she's happy she's pregnant. Told her to stop texting me. Don't need that emotional baggage.
  9. Why is she telling you then???
  10. Ohhhh, I see.  Well congrats!
    Is that a picture of Bea Arthur saying "Thank you, but no"?
  11. Wow, that's a bit much. She's still immature apparently.
    Maybe she needs a friend/fuck buddy/nest/ear....one can only speculate...
    I don't want to be any of those. Being with a girl you loved after other dudes did their thing with her. Pass. Super fucking pass.
  14. Dont do this lol. Chicks be havin diseases an thats how dicks be gettin drips.
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    Also, she has a seed inside her. Triple pass.
    "MMMMMMM Mmmmmmm....I smell a BUN in the OVEN!"  - Creepy old Greg Allman
  17. Got to build up the immune system somehow
  18. 1428364560728.jpg
  19. And she assumes you care because.....

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