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Ex-girlfriend be trippin.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dalton!, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. So I left my girlfriend of almost 4 years last month, now I have a decent job and trying to save to fix my shitty car and get the fuck outta my moms house, and go back to school.

    I owe my ex some money, which I have no problem with paying but now the bitch is trippin, claiming I have to pay the rent and cable bill in the apartment she just moved into with her friend last month because I made a "verbal agreement and led them on to thinking I would contribute"

    My response was "You led me on in thinking you would stop being a bitch to me, you did not so I left, and as I did not sign the lease nor the cable contract I am not legally obligated to pay towards either for months in which I was not living in your apartment."

    Well now she is raging (as usual) and threatening to sue me, even though she has no legal standing. Honestly, I am so glad to be away from her. I have learned a valuable life lesson: Never live with a girl you are dating. NEVER. EVER.
  2. Tell her you'll counter sue the shit out of her for wasting your time.

    It might shut her up.
  3. actually yeah do what messiah said.

  4. I say your good to go

    Enjoy her rage and not give a fuck because theres not a single thing she can do...im guessing

    Just dont end up on judge judy :smoking:
  5. I miss my ex
  6. [quote name='"s3v loves you"']I miss my ex[/quote]

    Poor guy :(
  7. She's probably just trying to bully and intimidate you. I'd personally go I will give you the money I owe you, but if you continue with this erratic and crazy behavior I'm not going to give you a single cent.

  8. Nothing worth missing when it comes to girls, man. My theory is that in a relationship eventually one person will get too comfortable and start taking advantage or mistreating their significant other.
  9. Put it in her butt.

  10. Hell to the NAH. Keeping distance between her and I.
  11. [quote name='"Dalton!"']

    Hell to the NAH. Keeping distance between her and I.[/quote]

    You just need a dick like mine man! Then you can be 2 cities over and still put it in her butt!
  12. That civil suit wouldn't even make it to the courthouse.
    Judges got way more important things to do than have a trial over a verbal implication.
    Shit doesn't stand up in court. You don't owe her anything, so I suggest you just cut ties with her and ignore the hell out of her until she shuts the hell up.
  13. this will be my new signature you are the man for saying this hahhahah :hello:

    and OP just stop talking to her you dont have to do anything she must think your a sucker if ur going to pay her bills after yall broke up hahahahha
  14. LOL

    if only the world was this easy....

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