ex-gf... friends with benefits?

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  1. Alright, so i dated this girl for over a year, and we broke up a couple weeks ago. Then I got really drunk one night, and drunk dialed her which was a huge mistake, and we ended up having sex (really good sex too).
    After that she got all attached to me again and wanted to get back together, and after a lot of talking she agreed that we can just be friends. Right after that, she asked if i wanted to be friends with benefits, and she swore she just wanted the sex, cuz she got horny sometimes and wanted someone to fuck. I told her i would think about it... What should i do?? Anyone got experience with this kinda stuff?
  2. The sex is good, if you can keep the emotions away its a win-win. She could end up being someone you just get to nail whenever you feel like it
  3. They are always good to have, take advantage of their services once in awhile, but be aware, they may try to start a relationship. Just be strong and make her want you even more, every time you see her.. Shouldn't be too hard :smoke:

  4. My ex is one of those girls that gets really attached and clingy. It was nearly impossible to break up with her, and i kinda feel like shes just trying to get me back through sex...
  5. Just be like "there is absolutely no possibility for a relationship" and just let her know your rules for if you are going to be friends with benefits. Like "No deep emotional talk b.s., don't expect me to pay for your food and shit, etc."
  6. ^^ just dont get back with her
  7. Sounds good to me dude.
  8. Rage Sex is best Sex.
  9. Well there's a lot of things that could go wrong, she catches feelings and begins to feel used so she gets pissed at you. Hit it hard and swift
  10. She asked if you wanted to get back together before she mentioned just some fun on the side.
    Chances are she's going to get used to that good sex, and still want that relationship in the end.

    Personally, ex's are ex's for a reason no point in fooling around if it was a hard break up to begin with. Do you really want to have to "break it off" with her when you find some other girl to play with?

    I'd find it healthier and more adventurous to just find some new girl, with new experiences.

  11. the problem is, i dont have time for a girlfriend right now. So its either friends with benefits, or my hand.
  12. No strings attached sex? Why would you NOT take it? If she tries to push a relationship just say no, what the fuck is she gonna do? Sounds to me like you got the control my friend.
  13. Hahaha... hilarious.

    Personally, I would do it, even though I'm pretty sure from what you said she's gonna want to get back together. The reason is that I'd milk it for how ever long I could until she starts wanting to be your gf again and then hit the road. If you do end up pursuing the friends with benefits thing, you can either tell her there's no way you are getting back together and let her know from the start, or just be a dick and let her guess.

    If I was in this situation, I'd go the dick road, because I honestly don't care what she thinks about me. And even when you are a dick, she'll still probably want you bad regardless of what she says.

    It's fucked up really, but that's life IMO
  14. Emotions will always get involved the longer you both are involved with this.

  15. That's because she is.
  16. Don't do it. As nice as it sounds in the long run she will become way more attached and you will have so many more problems with her in the long run. Plus girls don't like that you use to have a girl just to have sex with.
  17. I gotta "friends with benefits" thing going with this girl. I tried to get her to commit because I actually like her but she just got really pissed off and defensive and then dodged me for the next several days. She's gotten pissed off at me for fucking other girls too...

    idk man
  18. well nevermind about becoming fuck buddies with my ex... turns out she made me a scrapbook trying to get me back. Abort mission!!
  19. proceed with caution. through fucking you all the time she will have dirt on you that will keep piling up, and even if she claims "no feelings attached" when some one you do have feelings for comes around, the fuck buddy is suddenly your "other" girlfriend starting a whirlwind of shit and wrecking your new relationship. thus, really shes trying to trick you into staying exclusive. or maybe she just wants some D, but females can be maniacal. :smoking:
  20. Don't fucking do it.

    She already did the clingy, attatchment shit...

    Do you not think that was a taste of what's to come if you have sex with her regularly?

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