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  1. Hello all , if you havent noticed i pretty much joined gc recently and i have a question to see if anything like this has happened to anyone or anything like that?

    okay so i use bud for personal use only it helps me get to sleep and helps with pains i have in my back anyway this kid who i use to toke with got caught about 4 months ago by the police with under 1/8 of bud and he said he got really scared and the cops were questioning him blah blah etc and they told him if he tells them where he got it they wouldnt make him go to court and all that jazz so he told them my name cause he knows i smoke WHEN I DIDNT EVEN GIVE HIM THE BUD....

    so its been about 4 months and nothing has really happened..should i be worried one day that something is going to happen ? has anything like this ever happened to any of you guys? Living in Canada btw.
  2. Marijuana
    Side Effect: Paranoia
  3. lol what do you mean paranoia he told me that he told the cops i gave him the bud ??:confused:
  4. idk why but i read he got caught by the age police lol

    anyway i doubt nothing anything will happen to you because in whenever kids got caught they would say random ass kids name and they arent going to go searching for you because there is no proof you are even affiliated with him
  5. 1. Nothing will happen, it's Canada

    2. It's 1/8

    3. There is no evidence you gave him anything , without evidence there is no grounds for anything, including warrants

    Like of I said bill gates gave me my weed, they wouldn't go arrest him.

    4.Your friend sounds like an idiot
  6. but wouldnt the police look into it at all or follow me if they think i am giving people bud..
  7. I would have punched him on the spot. That is like the biggest dick move possible.
  8. yeah ive already confronted him about it
  9. No they have better things to do
  10. police don't chase around potential weed dealers, that would be ridiculous.

  11. essentially this.

    but OP, my question for you is this: if you didnt do the crime, why in god's name are you concerned about doing the time?

    the hearsay of some pot smoking child? doesn't exactly sound like concrete evidence..
  12. Eh, don't be paranoid or anything, but the cops probably already scoped you out and realized, no shit, you're not a dealer and moved on to more important things.
  13. I would just stay on the down low, bury all paraphernelia and weed in your backyard in case they get a warrant, ive done that cause i was paranoid
  14. Oh wait, you live in Canada. Don't worry. They were probably hoping he'd drop the name of someone they were already looking into, but needed more to go on.
  15. lol dude dont bury your stuff. if you're REALLLLY freaking out and worried the police are gonna come with paperwork and turn your pad on its head, just put your stuff in the garage or in the back of a never used kitchen cabinet.

    trust me, they dont search THAAAT hard.

    (ive had my pad turned inside out by the fuzz on multiple occasions. most they usually do is fuck up my room, turning over every leaf and whatnot, but they never check the rest of the place)

    i dont know why i just fed into the paranoia and drama but there it is :)
  16. Dude, Cops are M E S S Y, legit, i stopped getting searched when i was like 13 because idk, but they tend to disorganize all of your stuff

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