Ex found new BF quickly

Discussion in 'General' started by GYAZ, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. So I broke up with my gf about 2 weeks ago and come round to pick up some stuff she left and reveals shes seeing someone else already. Now I know I broke up with her but its still annoying as it means shes won the secret break up game that no one admits to. and to make matters worse when she told me I was in front of my computer naked sitting in the dark wrapped in a blanket playing minecraft so a complete social life fail on my part. But im actually no where near pissed of about it as I thought I would be when I imagined hearing it. It kinda proves a long time theory ive had that its so much easier for a female to find a bf then it is for a male to find a gf. Most males tend to agree with me and most females disagree. But if an average looking guy asked 100 random girls for sex I doubt he would get any. However if a girl asked 100 random guys for sex most would probably go along with it. So what do the blades think?
  2. Well did she ask for sex or ask out a guy?
  3. ask out a guy

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