Ex drug dealer moved next door

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  1. i dont like this at all, this guy sold the skimpiest sacks ever, and there's already cops creepin down the street. I hope he doesnt get me caught up in some shit, cause i would be pissed if he got me busted for growing.
  2. lol rat him out yourself ..... they will never suspect you again.
  3. Why would you encourage someone to rat someone who is a FORMER dealer out? The dude is obviously trying to get his life back together. Thats just fucking low dude. Ratting for drugs in general is just low. And I'd rather worry about cops than pissed off dealers.
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    lol yeah ratting low but heck it was a suggestion.
  5. just ignore him.

    or maybe try to become friends with him before buying drugs off him. i mean, if youre friends with your neighbor, how can you skimp him?
  6. My advice is not to use any type of low jack or homemade explosive in any attempt to sabatoge his home..this would then in turn leave your house in jeopardy if any type of explosion were to take place..:smoking:
  7. K so an actual response ..... I believe as long as you stay alert dont tell anyone you grow... even if he gets busted what would lead them to you? just make sure you cant be sniffed out by a human nose.
  8. I'm sorry to say this but you should probaly get rid of the ants if he still deals. Let's say he does get busted, their will be drug dogs there and will definatly sniff you out. That really does suck:mad:
  9. Walk over and introduce yourself as a friendly new customer in the neighborhood. Befriend him and you will have not so skimpy sacks and a hook you don't have to drive to. :)

    Even if he is an "ex drug dealer" he might just do a little ganj toss here and there.
  10. did three people just like a guy for reccomending snitching on a fucking weed salesman???
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    Call in Anonymously and tip them off, and saw you see a lot of traffic and people going over there and leaving in a short period of time.
  12. lol you gotta do what you got to do but be prepared if dogs do come and bark you way you have little time t get rid of the plants.
  13. ^ No. You dont. Snitches get stitches around here. End of story. lol

  14. Your so gonna get arrested for that little karma... universe smiles on folks like you by smile I mean eventually shits..:)
  15. What are you worried about skimpy sacks for if you're growing? But either way, just avoid the dude if you think he'll invite trouble. How close is next door to you? Is he literally right next to you or is he in the next building? That kind of information is important if you're considering taking some more security measures to ensure that your grow op isn't discovered
  16. You're a bitch if you snitch and everyone else who's recommending on snitching him out. And even if the dogs do smell that pure growing they have to get a warrant first. Idiots these days honestly.
  17. Snitches are scum
  18. O damn, thanks for informing me n everyone else. It's sad what america has come down to cause of the corrupt ass government. I'm ashamed of living here, wish I could move to Australia or something.

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