Ex and seizure disorder.?

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  1. Hey I had a question about ex. I used to have this epileptic disorder that supposedly doesn't develop into anything and kinda goes away (my doc was kinda hesitant on that part) after your 16, and I am 21. I was wondering if its cool for me to take ex now or will I have a seizure because the ex messes with parts of the brain. Or is the part that it messes with completely unrelated to the place seizures start?
  2. if you can find out if you were just having febrile seizures, then yes, it is most likely (i won't say 100%) alright to use e. they usually occur in kids, up to their early teenage years, and are caused by a fever when you get sick. stuff like chicken pox, ear infection, or even just a cold. the fever doesn't have to be high, but it usually occurs like a day before the sick symptoms come on.

    now if you were having just straight seizures, nah, don't use e. when did you start smoking bud, around 16? if so that could explain why your seizures have calmed down. a little bud helps tremendously. i'm epileptic and i'm in school for this shit. bud helps me a lot, but so do my other meds :smoking:

    but as always, checking with a doctor would be the absolute best. they can't do anything to you, and if they're actual ethical doctors they'll tell you if it's good or not to use.

    but i still take the gamble, a lot. i have never had a drug induced seizures...to my knowledge, and none of my sitters have said anything. so just proceed with caution man:smoking:

    edit: damn. im stoned and i wrote a shitload. sorry man :bongin:
  3. Thanks man and I took trileptal 300 mg morning and night. And yeah my mom was a nurse and she told me that weed prevented seizures. Yeah I would just have them like after I was watching tv and I was about go to bed and I fell and started having one and my mom heard me and said it was like forty seconds and after I couldn't talk for like a minute even though I was trying to. Scary as fuck. I felt myself having it but I didn't know what it was I was just moving and like thrashing and I couldn't stop it. It was a light one because the one or two I had after that were alot longer and I only remember being on the stretcher after. Um and the disoder I had was Benign Rolandic Epilepsy.
  4. Oh dude and thanks again I was like about to take it. Oh and I was wondering. Do you have medical marijuana in Utah?
  5. awesome dude, you're most likely good then! BRE ends around 18, except in rare cases. they're just tonic-clonic seizures, so any likelihood of brain damage is minimal.
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    I had epilepsy for 13 years and had brain surgery. I had a piece of my frontal lobe taken from my brain and have rolled...no consequences. Actually seems like it doesn't affect my mood the week after too like the average person. Could be cuz the frontal lobe controls the emotions etc.

    The seizures could start from anywhere; you ever go under MRI, Catscan ETC? had a bunch of tests done on me, too many. Finally had the surgery and no longer have seizures.

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