ew, left my shrooms in the plastic bag for too long

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sodomizedjello, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. now they're dark brown and very unappitizing! but they're not completely mush so i'm still going to consume :smoke:

    there's been some tropical storms down here lately, bringing lots of heavy rain to my area. thus, the shroom picking has been very very good these past couple of weeks here just north of houston. found several hundred from the same field. we made some kool aid and then i was given a baggie to take home for myself to munch on later this week. i didn't take them out of the bag as soon as i got home, as i was tripping pretty hard and my gliders were gliding about my room. the gliders like to make mischief, i think they can tell when i've got something i don't want them to get into, because they dive right into it.

    but when my trip started winding down and i regained some normal function, i dumped the contents of the bag and felt a slight sense of loss. they were truly superb specimens of p. cubensis, now they are icky.

    see? icky.


    ah, such is life.
  2. thats a good amount of shrooms, eh?!

    too bad about the browning...... i guess

    i dunno...
  3. do they lose potency when that happens? and wont they make you sick if theyve gone bad?
  4. i would just throw those in a blender with some orange juice, and drink up. but thats just me..:p
  5. Ewwwww! Better eat them fast before you have to look at them more!
  6. Thats nasty man! But hey look im on ur screen!:D
  7. Yea, that what happenes. That why you should use a paper bag.
  8. ^^^ :laughing:

    My condolences, hope they're still good anyway :yummy: :hippie:
  9. Me too. Shroom juice will get ya nice and fucked up.

  10. chyea. that is but a fraction of the left overs we had after making some pretty intense kool aid. i love when mother nature decides to supply me with copious amounts of psychoactive fungi :love:

    hmm, i don't think i could drink it without gagging. i don't drink orange juice with pulp because all the bits and pieces feel gross. i'm sort of used to the taste, i plan on eating them straight with some delicious homemade lime-aid in another couple of days when my tolerance goes back down.
  11. Man I love shrooms as much as the next dude, but DAMN, camomil(sp) tea will NEVER taste the same. Ever, ever again man.

    But Ive had some good times trippin out real hard with good friends :)

    Wow, I just made myself real depressed man :(
  12. Yea man I know how you feel. Those amazingly badass times will never happen again...-_-

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