Evolving 'Perpetual' Grow Jack The Ripper and others!

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  1. Hey there GC, I've long been window shopping here and as I've always found this site the best source of knowledge I have decided to showcase my grow here! I have 5 skunk #1 clones that are about 2 m/o, (3) 2m/o Jack The Ripper plants from seed-2f 1m, and about 8 seedlings of differing origins.
    Only the JTR seedlings will be cloned from, everything else is just getting sexed-males pulled-and pushed through. I grow in coco coir as a soil-less medium-mixed with sunshine #4.

    I have a digital 600w and 400w both switchable, two magnetic 400w lights(HPS) and a mag. 250w (MH)


    I've got the 600 and 400w digi's hooked up right now, with about 16 plants of all sizes under them. Every month I am going to be introducing 5 more plants into the flowering portion of the room, so that on month 3 after the oldest 5 have been harvested I will be able to bring in 5 more 2-3m/o clones to take their place. There by creating a monthly harvest of medicine :]

    Veg time=18 hours/day

    Flowering=12 hours/day


    I use alaska morbloom 5-1-1 mixed 3:1 with Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 to create a 5-4-4 ratio'ed 'veg' macro that is essentially organic.

    Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 Alone as the flowering macro

    Botanicare Liquid Karma (many uses)

    Botanicare Clearex (to feed benies)

    Botanicare CalMag (coco coir affinity correction)

    Botanicare Rootzho (Beneficial Fungus Inoculate)

    Benefox (Beneficial Bacteria Inoculate)

    BioBizz Alg-a-mic (micro nutes)

    PHed from 5.65-5.95 depending on where it lands quickest

    My goal is to keep the operation as close to 30 plants as possible. 15 in flowering, and 15 veg(+1 mom)= 31 plants.

    The photo's below are a few days old, I've made several changes to the grow room and cut down a couple male plants recently. But this is a shot of the whole group.


    Month one of flowering will consist of the 5 skunk clones shown below. They aren't particularly worth keeping around and were resistant to an organic nute program, and I am trying to work away from a synthetic diet.


    These next plants are the Jack The Rippers, I ended up with 2f 3m out of a 5 pack of seeds, meh. One female seems to be much more prone to purpling/redding leading me to believe it might be the coveted pink lemonade pheno, only time will tell. I have saved a single male for selected seeding here in a couple months. He will be squared away and budded out for the pollen. Out of the three males this one was the most robust and healthy, and also sprouted 3 new leaves at every node instead of 2, I've looked it up before but I can't remember the name of the condition off of the top of my head. I just thought it was a trait worth trying to pass along.

    These are the best growing seedlings I have ever seen, the nodes are stacked sooooo close and they have many side shoots that are quickly becoming tops, I haven't fimmed or fucked with them at all, clearly these are my favorites haha.


    I'll update the pictures and info tomarrow when I have more time, for now I am off to bed.


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