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Discussion in 'General' started by That Toker, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. So I've really been thinking about this lately...
    In the future...like 10-20 years from now...will marijuana be like old Smaller just like alcohol is now? Like drinking isn't that big of a deal now a days as it used to be.

    Will the marijuana prohibition end like alcohols did and just become like a casual thing the current generations do just like the older generations drink today?

    Older/drinking generations frown upon marijuana because it's a new way of getting messed up and they want to stick to the things they know, does this mean one day all us stoners will frown upon the more complex drugs that Are evolving (not crack or such but pill drugs and stuff like 21 jump street) and well just look like old farts smoking pot?

    I'm saying people
  2. Alcohol was only illegal for 10 years, marijuana has and will continue to be illegal for awhile.
  3. 21 jump street; ftw
    But on the marijuana note, it probably will be legalized. The government cant keep protecting people from something harmless.

    >or i could be completely fucking wrong
  4. Marijuana has been around since the dawn of time. I don't see it going out of style.

    I think the manner in which we partake in drugs will change. Perhaps someday we will be able to plug in directly to our brains and stimulate certain areas to produce the same effect.
  5. Oh and I'm not saying people who drink are old or out of style I love drinking I'm talking like 50s to 60s generations

  6. This is what I think also. Most likely we will have some sort of electronic interface that will produce a euphoric feeling of varying degrees. It will probably be controlled by the Govt. and be rationed out according to work done and social status....:eek:
  7. man its
    like the same but diffrent.
  8. In 100 years there will be a superdrug that everyone wants and needs. This will lead to ww3.
  9. its not the drugs, its the generation.

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