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  1. Anybody try this yet? As of today, it's only out on the Xbox One, but it comes out tomorrow on PS4 and PC. I've been having a blast. The worlds are absolutely beautiful and the A.I. creatures are awesome. All different types and almost as deadly as the player controlled monster. Teamwork is a must if you want to win as the hunter. All of the classes are unique and clearly have their strengths and weaknesses, but it still feels balanced against the monster. Playing as the monster is a blast. There is a huge difference between your first and your third evolution and the longer you live, the stronger and more badass you feel. I love the leveling system and the matchmaking system (although it's slow since it's day 1) I'm excited to see how this will turn out with a few more months for the developers to make improvements. I'm interested in what everyone else think so far.
  2. How do I get the beta?
  3. I got mine from I code I saw on a video about a week ago but there are other codes floating around and if you preorder you should get in
  4. I got into the alpha on PC.  So far I suck playing as the Monster and Medic but I'm an alright Support/Heavy/Trapper.  After talking to a few people I'd say my view on this is 70% positive 30% negative.  Also with how the game is structured I'm a bit worried that there will be a tremendous amount of DLC(but maybe not since its Turtle Rock).  New monsters/weapon loadouts/skills/maps/etc
    Overall this will be a nice break from the typical format of multiplayer games.  I kind of wish there was a "Practice Mode" to try out playing as the Monster versus just dropping into a game.  If you don't get far away and start feeding before the hunters track you...you're fucked
    HECK l4d 2 was better than this , especially with mods .
    the only way i will play this game , is if it's heavily modded to add more monsters and gameplay options , the default setup seems lame as fuck
    The monster is like a L4D zombie , but with 4 special abilities and an autoattack  , and eating ability to replinish himself when low ,  but it's still kind of lame without much action , i kind of find it boring 

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