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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/24/education/24evolution.html?partner=rssyahoo&emc=rss

    Delusional, religious indoctrination/brainwashing are apparently pretty difficult to shake off. I had no idea there were so many states that don't/didn't teach evolution in science classes.
    I have vague memories of teachers barely able to make heads or tails out of it when I was instructed in Illinois.
    Luckily, I was interested enough to study this on my own, prior to its mention in school. (phrew!)

  2. I've only read the first page... but wow.

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that there is an intellectual battlefield just South of the boarder.

    I really like that teacher's attitude. He knows the score. Many students will be lucky to have a teacher that cares as much as he does.
  3. thats so funny.

    micky evolved due to natural selection carried out by walt disney.

    thats classic USA however much they try to hide it in the international mass-media most of the time
  4. Yes, all good scientific theories are best explained with cartoon mice.

    This explains so much about the last few presidential election results.

    Nice article though, it made me a little nervous, some of my family lives in the intellectually blighted areas.
  5. im actually reading a book about this. its called 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins. its amazing how stubborn ppl can act when it comes to religion. he talks about how he's met with all kinds of religious leaders and debated with them, and he discusses the silly arguments that these ppl make. its really quite eye opening, good read.
  6. I agree, it's really amazing how outdated the education system is in the USA when you compare it to what we have here.

    (religion in education = outdated)
  7. Fucking idiots. This just makes me so incredibly angry. Should have let those fucks secede when we had the chance...

    And we wonder why the rest of the Western world laughs at American scientists...
  8. This is a fun interactive graph, If you've never seen it before, check it out.


    And please get some teaching tools to the americans who were being taught that The Flintstones was a documentary (Lewis Black).
  9. Oh it isn't all that bad.

    America is still providing us with lots of scientists and research funding. Not to mention as far as I'm concerned, they're still leading the way in terms of scientific skepticism and the popularization of science.

    This just happens to be... a major stumbling block.
  10. When 12 states with a combined population of 50 million are being taught that evolution is an optional idea, that's scary.

    But on Sundays, I don't know how big that number swells at Sunday School. And guess where most creationists think they are getting the real education?

    "America's Education System-Brought to you by Carl's Jr."":eek:""
  11. lol, I loved Idiocracy.

    And this is yet another extremely disturbing look at the American education system. I'm honestly frightened for the intellectual future of the U.S.
  12. What more is, prosperity is built around progress. Specifically, scientific progress.

    Take a look at the Arab states. Many of them are quite rich, yet you'll find near zero scientific research being done in their higher educational facilities. You will however find a lot of studying of the Koran and other muslim theological texts. Their religion do not allow asking questions that contradict their religious teaching, and as such no real scientific research is done. Which again is why they have no industry to speak of and why most live in poverty in those muslim countries.

    When religion supresses knowledge that is readily available and/or supresses research into new fields, you get not progress and prosperity, but backwardness and poverty.
  13. That's certainly true today, but don't forget that such vast wealth for such a rare resource basically eliminates any economic drive to develop any other type of industry. This is especially true in oil states, because the wealth generated generally doesn't make it into the hands of entrepreneurs who might improve the infrastructure to the point that it could generate new industry.

    Don't forget that there was a time when the Muslim nations were the most advanced in the world in terms of science and knowledge. How times change...
  14. Old superstitions are ingrained into our constitution, printed on our money, and re-enforced every day in the name of national security, and a truly inviolable god, named our national pride.

    But states turning down a valid theory for serious consideration in public school, because of pressure from vested economic interests like the church, any church, is just plain stupidity.

    No one ever died from being taught evolution, unless they were beaten to death for their new beliefs. (see earlier comic)

    But I do know that the Intel Corp. is importing High IQ programmers and engineers from Pakistan and India like crazy, and paying them top dollar, because they can't find enough intellectually capable Americans to man their chip facilities in the USA.

    And that is very scary. The good jobs in this country are being given to foreigners, because we don't want to make priests and preachers look bad with the facts, and providing PROPER public education.

    We'll get what we deserve...California's Sillicon valley now has more Sikhs, and Hindus, than Mormons.;) That's economic evolution.

    Or is that the law of supply and demand?
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    Well, a good point. But, there are non muslim oil producers that do rather well. Norway is one example. Just over the border, we got Sweden, that also is doing rather well despite no oil revenue. So, two countries, both rich. One with oil, one without. But both having much the same culture. So obviously, it is some values in the culture that makes these two countries rich, not arbitrary resources.

    Compare that to say Saudi-Arabia, who do have oil in abundance, and Yemen, which doesn't to a significant degree. Both countries have basically the same culture. The population in both are predominantly dirt-poor. Neither country do any science. Both countries are stuck in the iron age by themselves. What is "modern" is imported wholesale in both countries.

    Well, actually, again, they did no research of their own. It was spoils of conquest. Specifically pinching select parts of greek philosophy and indian mathematics. Keeping what was not in conflict with their religious texts, and discarding the rest. If at all bothering to read it, when much more expedient to just torch the "infidel" learnings.

    Like the burning of the Library of Alexandria that went up in flames as the muslim conquered Egypt in the mid 7th century. Where tradition has it that caliph Umar when asked what to do with the library, answered: "They will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous!" The muslims then reportedly proceeded to burn the books to provide heated bathwater for the soldiers...
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVWAwNevIJE

    "i have no problem you getting your kicks out of fantasies, but when these fantasies involve pissing in the fountain of knowledge, that we all depend on for our survival and quality of life, someone has to explain to you that you are being an anti-social jerk".
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    Of course this proves nothing because that scientist himself admits believing in any god requires a "leap of faith". But I question the intelligence of some people calling creationists stupid. If someone is a true science buff they will always hold the possibility of a creator there to some degree. But of course this is IMO.
  18. Religion is a consciousness that resulted from culture and should be treated that way, the people that takes most of the stories in the religion literally should take a step back. It is the message being conveyed in the religion, not the fact that we came from a grain of dust instead of monkeys.
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    Yeah, from the stories i read out of the big book most of them sound like "moral lessons" or what have you. lol I'm going to make a rap video will be something like Jesus mixed with 50 cent "hate it or love it". Hahah
  20. so where did those monkeys come from? lol i can do this all day. When are people going to realize these religious vs science debates are pointless

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