Evolution: Including Consciousness

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    Let's start off with a basic principle. Evolution does not happen BY CHANCE, as the religious would like to say to discredit science. It, in fact, HAS TO happen. It is inevitable, GIVEN THE WAY THE WORLD IS SET UP.

    Something else. It is NOT necessarily the strongest that survive, as is often said in regards to evolution. It is not even necessarily the most intelligent that survive. It is those who are most willing and able to adapt to change, and new environments, that evolve. The parts of those who are unwilling to change and adapt, are left behind to the pages of history.

    Those who talk about evolution deal primarily with the physical aspect of it. I, however, would like to deal with this same principle, in terms of consciousness. It is not NECESSARILY the smartest who evolve. It is, just as Darwin says, those who are most able and willing to adapt. Those who are stuck in their ways, unable to hear other points of views, and adapt to new circumstances, are bound by evolution to be lost. Those with open minds, that don't try to force themselves upon the world, but rather adapt with the world, will evolve.
  2. I agree very much. Opening your mind completely to others allows you to interpret what they are saying and compare it to your beliefs. If you choose not to do this in ALL instances, you will, in fact, stop the evolution process of "knowledge".
  3. Definately.

    Humans are at an interesting stage that we haven't seen any other species reach before. A stage where we no longer are focused on physical adaptations, as many of us live in comfort and humans for the most part rely on tools rather than inherent attributes to adapt to our environment.

    Thus we are at a stage where the evolution of consiousness supercedes the evolution of our physical organisms.
  4. Agreed. Here's a thought. We are always evolving right? (physically and mentally) Do you think that some day, in the distant future, other animals may become as intelligent as we are currently? Maybe Earth is the foundation for extraterrestrial life, and that some day each species will colonize its own planet.:smoking:
  5. Our physical bodies are going to have to evolve soon.

    Why do you think there are obese people? Because we have all of this technology. We don't need to hunt for food or walk places, etc. This body is built for living in the stone age. Our bodies are going to have to evolve to adapt to this new technology.

    Why do you think the standard alien looks like a huge head with a tiny body? Because a super advanced civilization doesn't do much physical activity...they sit and use their heads. They move way from the physical and into the non-physical/consciousesa aspect of reality.

    This is one of the main reasons I have faith in the 2012 ascension. Now is the perfect time in our evolution to advance to the next stage. We need lighter more efficient bodies...we also are moving towards a higher consciousness considering how fast our technology and our sciences are advancing.

    All the pieces are in place for something like a major evolution to occur. Not to say it will happen over night, but the next 10-15 years will be very crucial.
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP2wbJOi-6M]YouTube - Alex Jones Tv: Joe Rogan in Studio 1/3 (11/5/09)[/ame]

  7. I think our bodies are pretty efficient the way they are.

    We don't need to lose muscle and become small just to be smart.
  8. You forget there are Yogis who are always fasting hardly ever eating a thing who are plump, and also the same kind of Yogi's who are deathly skinny. Conscious evolution doesn't require any type of body. The typical depiction of aliens comes from the fictional idea of them as "little green men" and hence they are just that, little, in their depiction.

  9. Yea that's also true...

    I was just really repeating what Joe rogan said. That wasn't even my idea lol but I did agree with what he said.

    And I believe the "little green men" are based off of real aliens called the greys, but that's just what I think.

  10. Sure... I could see it happening, but not for a very very long time.... like millions of years, at which point the human race in my opinion will likely have spiritually evolved to incarnate outside the physical realm of existence.
  11. Let's hope so man. Otherwise I don't think we'll last that long. I place faith in the human race, but I can't say it's at its highest potential.

  12. tonight while i was walking one of the many things going thru my mind was the way there has been much discussion of proof -

    in the end no one can prove any thing to another......

    you must prove it to yourself.....or follow blindly....

    i personally think that the whole idea of having an open mind revolves around being willing to question your own beliefs and ideas as much as you question those that are different....
    but that is just the tip of it...
    once you are willing to question even your own most deeply held beliefs...you have to accept that what was true for you once may not always be so....
    shit changes as we go along......
    you change as you go along....
    if you hold onto ideas that are holding you back ...simply because you are afraid to question them....
    because they worked once....

    then you are stuck/fucked......

    question every fucking thing!

    especially anything you think you mite believe!!!!!;):smoke:
  13. The truth is to subjective to "believe". Only trust faith.

  14. -John Keats

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder":eek:;):smoke:

  15. In the broadest application, this mindset literally frightens me.
  16. Hahaha, me too friend! Can you explain why you feel this way?

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