Evolution at it's finest.

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  1. Or not. I wonder how that'll digest?
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO5ifLzLYiU"]YouTube - The Original Pelican Eats Pigeon[/ame]
  2. Yeah dude.. big birds are nothing to be fucked with. They're mean.
  3. True. The large male geese at the little league parks across town used to chase us and try to nip you. Sometimes, if you tried to stare it down like a dog does, it would lower it's head and start quacking with a low tone. Then, like a bull, it scratches the ground and charges. It's so fucking hilarious when you're 12.

  4. Me and my girl constantly fuck with geese. It's the greatest thing ever. I usually run away like a girl when they get mad, though.
  5. Seems like all birds are dicks...
  6. wow. I wonder if it will cause internal punctures.
  7. that seems like it would really hurt the pelican and not be worth the effort at all....
  8. hahahahaahahha

    when it shakes it's neck

    i cant stop hahaha
  9. Dude it's skin under it's beak, I thought it was gonna rip or something.

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