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  1. Just figured i would post up the pieces i have.

    I have a small spoon pipe w/ a huge bowl, mini bubbler, and my big bubbler w/ huge bowl, and my 18" bong. All pieces came from Jupitergrass.ca

    And if your wondering why my mini bubbler has that ugly blackish stuff on it, well it was my old roommates that i bought but for him (he was supposed to pay me but never did), then right at the end of the school year he tells me he broke the thing :mad:. Well i ended up grabbing it from him and keeping it, repairing it with some JB weld, which apparently works on glass too. its ugly but i like it because it hits great for a tiny piece

    And for my bong, well its just a cheap glass bong that isnt glass on glass, but it was cheap and i wanted a bong. it had no ice catcher so i fabbed up my own with some old zippo that was laying around!

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  2. Lol, the pic with the cat seems like an accident waiting to happen...

    Nice stuff, though...
  3. lol yea, i have 2 kittens (5 months old), they are pretty roudy but they havnt broken a thing!

    although they have tipped over my blue bub once or twice but its pretty thick so i am not worried about it breaking.

    oh and the pattern on the bong is naked ladies :)
  4. its not the best quality stuff but it works. My blue bubbler and rasta pipe are better quality. I still want a very nice clear 12-18" GOG bong

    the bong was like $60, blue bubbler $60, mini bubbler $25, pipe $20...lol i am a poor college student, couldnt afford a nice $200 bong at the time.
  5. bump it to the top

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